Zumbox And Computershare Bring Digital Postal Mail Service To Financial Services Industry

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Zumbox and Computershare Communication Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Computershare Limited (asx:CPU), today announced the availability of Digital Postal Mail powered by Zumbox to Computershare’s nearly 7,000 U.S. clients.

Powered by Zumbox, Digital Postal Mail is a bank-level secure, web-based postal delivery and archiving system that offers a digital alternative to physical mail. The free channel delivers electronic versions of paper documents to investors, replacing physical mail with interactive digital communications. Anyone with an address in the U.S. can sign up for Digital Post Mail for free at www.digitalpostalmail.com .

“We produce millions of financial paper communications annually, and many have requested a paperless alternative that is both easy to use and has security as part of the offering,” said Bernie O’Connor, President of Computershare Communication Services. “This is beyond electronic communications: This is a secure way to access all of your mail digitally allowing consumers to archive and transact in a new and easy manner. Digital Postal Mail is taking us to the next level of interactive transactional mail communications.”

For users of Digital Postal Mail, once the digital mailbox for a consumer household address is verified, investor and financial documents are automatically delivered digitally as soon as they are available. The documents are digitized before they ever reach print production, so Digital Postal Mail truly reduces the use of paper and many other resources.

Specific benefits for shareholders and financial institution customers include:

Single location for financial account documents, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites and remember various usernames and passwords

A permanent, free archived environment that also enables other documents to be uploaded and stored in the cloud environment

Anytime access to a Digital Postal Mail account, including mobile devices

Easy search to find any document exactly when it is needed

Specific benefits for issuers include:

Offering investors a choice for statement delivery, improving investor interactions

Tools, such as automated reminders, to help drive paperless adoption and potential for increased proxy response with a link to the InvestorVote website

Enhanced social responsibility by dramatically reducing paper waste and distribution resources

“Consumers receive many important documents in the mail beyond bills and statements and shareholder communications are an important example of that,” said John Payne, CEO of Zumbox, Inc. “The ability to deliver shareholder documents electronically to a permanent archive and make them available any time from any device, including tablets and smartphones, is a major convenience for those shareholders. They can search and find documents quickly and easily and can quickly get to the proxy voting site through the link at the ‘Vote Now’ button on the digital document.”

Zumbox “Digital Postal Mail Appliance” lets mailers bypass post office

LOS ANGELES, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — May 23, 2011 — Zumbox, the leader in digital postal mail services, today announced at CS Week the availability of its Zumbox Digital Postal Mail Gateway (DPM Gateway), a secure network appliance that will automatically and securely deliver postal mail via a digital channel to consumer households. Once the gateway is installed and configured, mailers simply direct their print stream to the DPM Gateway installed inside their corporate firewall. This allows mailers to achieve paper suppression targets, reduce postage and other mailing related costs and improve customer communications.

Designed for large organizations that send transactional mail to consumer households, the DPM Gateway provides direct, secure access to the Zumbox postal network. The appliance manages digital delivery with a simple interface, without the need for custom IT integration work. It delivers detailed reporting about mail recipient usage, including paperless requests, views, payments, printing and discards.

By diverting files headed to print, mailers can immediately push 100% of their files to Zumbox for delivery. This provides the lowest cost possible for delivery to the Zumbox postal network. Delivery of digital postal mail is free. Mailers only pay when users suppress paper, ensuring that any cost comes from real savings.

“A cost-saving alternative to paper mail, digital postal mail has been adopted and deployed by many leading technology and print service providers in conjunction with other physical channels,” said John Payne, CEO of Zumbox. “We’re now seeing demand for increased savings by large mailers who operate their own mail centers. This appliance is the perfect solution for them, enabling large mailers to offer a digital delivery channel to consumers that dramatically increases paper suppression rates and lowers postage costs.”

The DPM Gateway achieves three goals for in-house production mailers: (a) rapid, low-cost deployment with almost no IT resources required, (b) a highly secure, encrypted channel for digital distribution accessed inside the corporate network rather than “in the wild” over the Internet and (c) powerful reports and APIs that provide insight into paper suppression, consumer interactions and other consumer mail response and usage details.

Digital postal mail is an exact facsimile of paper mail, created from a diversion of the print stream before it reaches a mailing system. Zumbox archives and presents mail to consumers in a secure, central online environment, instead of on paper, forever, for free. Zumbox has created a digital mailbox for every street address in the US, connecting large transactional, financial and government mailers to consumer households for the secure, on-time delivery of postal mail online. Ultimately, Zumbox gives consumers increased flexibility in where and how they receive, manage and store their postal mail.