Internet users not impressed by USPS anti-Internet commercial

The USPS has been running a TV commercial touting the safety and security of the US Mail, as compared to the dark and dangerous world of the Internet. Not surprisingly, Internet users don’t appear to be leaving the web in droves- a sampling of Twitter reactions follows the video. (Doesn’t anyone at the USPS see the irony in running ads like this one at the same time they’re telling Congress they don’t need all those post offices because people can buy stamps on the Internet using their credit card?)

USPS trying to convince people of the awesomeness of paper bills was sad.
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Just saw a USPS commercial encouraging businesses to send out paper invoices instead of electronic – r u freakin kidding me?
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When the usps is advertising that we want secure paper bills because you, ‘cant hack a fridge’ you know they are screwed.
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New USPS commercials almost look like they’re making fun of themselves.
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Really USPS, you might not want to say you’re better than email bc it can spread viruses. One word: anthrax.
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USPS is DOOMED. No one ever got anthrax or a physical bomb emailed to them. Your agency should be fired.
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USPS tells employees they're not allowed to campaign against service changes

The web site 21st Century Postal Worker has posted a copy of a letter from an unnamed USPS District Manager telling employees that they are not to “engage in campaigns for or against changes in mail service.” As examples of offending behavior, the letter says “Some of our Postal employees have written congressmen and senators”, and accuses them of misleading “community members on the costs, revenues and benefit of retaining their local Post Office”.

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Moorhead crazy lady’s house in Google Street View- look who’s parked in front!

Our most commented story on Friday was the one about the crazy lady in Moorhead MN who was incensed that the mailman didn’t come to her house at the same time every day, and wouldn’t ring her doorbell- among the comments posted on the Fargo Forum’s web site about this story, (most of which were along the lines of “why is this on your front page?”), was one that suggested checking out the lady’s address on Google Maps Street View. Guess who’s parked in front of the house?