EquaShip bundles discounted Priority Mail with “real” insurance

EquaShip, America’s new fourth parcel carrier catering to small- and medium-sized business shippers, today announced a three-way partnership to add discounted USPS Priority Mail, Express Mail and international products to its breadth of offerings.

EquaShip’s unprecedented partnership with Online Shipping Insurance Services, Inc. (InsureShip), which is backed by The Underwriters at Lloyds, now bundles Priority Mail with $100 of real, honest, regulated insurance for parcels, called EquaSurance™.

EquaShip offers small- to medium-sized business (SMB) shippers easy access to savings from 26 percent to 88 percent compared to FedEx, UPS and DHL rates. The newly-added USPS products are designed to give customers one-stop shopping for the lowest cost method of shipping any parcel, anywhere, fully insured, through the http://www.EquaShip.com website.

EquaSurance coverage on every parcel significantly reduces the impact to merchants’ customer service departments when packages are lost or damaged in transit. Bad marks from disappointed customers can lower merchants’ rankings and diminish and their sales through online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. With complete end-to-end tracking and real insurance on every package merchants can cement customer loyalty by speedily replacing merchandise, with full confidence that they will be reimbursed.

“More than two-thirds of all e-commerce shipments—which are predominantly residential and weighing less than four pounds—are shipped by USPS today,” said EquaShip CEO Ron Wiener. “Higher-priced carriers like UPS and FedEx attract some lightweight parcel shippers through their built-in $100 of declared value coverage, which USPS Priority Mail does not include.”

Through EquaShip.com, they can now buy the same proven Priority Mail service with $100 of real insurance coverage included, and reach all mailboxes in the USA—including PO Boxes and APO/FPO military addresses—that FedEx and UPS cannot. Additional coverage is only $0.50 per $100 of content value, which is one-third less than the major carriers charge for their less beneficial “Declared Value” coverage.

EquaShip.com’s discounts off USPS retail prices are up to 14.8 percent on Priority Mail, 21 percent on Express Mail, and 8 percent on Priority/Express Mail International. Customers can save up to 37 percent over retail USPS Priority Mail with $100 of declared value coverage by buying their postage through EquaShip.com—and take advantage of the superior benefits of real insurance.

“In this age of ‘free shipping’ offers it is hypercritical for merchants to shave every last penny off their shipping bills,” said Colby Clark, managing partner of Express1, an authorized reseller of USPS postage. “EquaShip enables these cost-sensitive shippers to have real insurance that has previously been unaffordable or simply unavailable, without raising the costs of their lightweight Priority Mail parcels.”

EquaSurance is “merchant’s insurance” designed specifically for online sellers, distributors and manufacturers who ship new, invoiced products to their customers. Unlike the “Declared Value” coverage offered by other major carriers, EquaSurance covers packages all the way to the consumers’ hands, without many of exclusions, restrictions and limitations that often void or reduce claim values.

“Over time, most merchants have been made wary of buying Declared Value coverage from the major carriers because of their dreadfully low claims-to-premiums ratios,” said Walt Moscoso, vice president of sales at InsureShip. “In our experience, shippers often choose to absorb the merchandise losses rather than pay expensive DV premiums. We are thrilled to pioneer this concept of ‘universal health care’ parcel insurance with EquaShip.”


EquaShip™ is a new kind of parcel delivery service designed specifically for small and medium-sized business shippers. With transparent “all-in” pricing, EquaShip gives shippers access to great service at prices typically 26 percent to 88 percent below FedEx, UPS and DHL retail rates.

EquaShip provides fully-integrated track-and-trace, $100 of EquaSurance™ real, honest insurance coverage included with every package, and superior customer care, all with no hidden assessorial fees, special software or contracted volume commitments. EquaShip also offers discounts of up to 21 percent on USPS expedited services, also bundled with $100 of EquaSurance coverage.