A little plagiarism on Thanksgiving Day

It’s always frustrating when someone steals your work, but it happens more and more on the web these days. I was disappointed to see the text from the next post, which I had taken the trouble to OCR from the original scanned pdf file, posted without attribution on another site- complete with a glaring OCR error I missed, and the intro sentence I typed. It’s not exactly the same as stealing an unpublished novel, but it’s still pretty sleazy.

The site owner has done it before, even copying entire articles from DMNews.com, Federal Times, etc. and presenting them as her own. Which does take a giant helping of chutzpa, considering that those outfits, unlike this one, actually have lawyers, and the money to put them to good use!

It’s too bad, because she actually has an impressive site, and doesn’t need to steal stuff. I guess once you start down that road, though, you kind of get used to it- probably more laziness than avarice.

Update: Uh oh… looks like someone has a guilty conscience- Lucille has blocked my IP address from accessing her web site. Oh well- it ain’t rocket science, so I bypassed her block and found a shrill little addition to her original blog entry- in bold type, something about another site “spreading FALSE rumors..AGAIN!‘ My, my!

And just to prove that she’s as pure as the driven snow, Lucille posts images of the pages I OCRed, showing that the text in her blog is the same as the original. Just one problem. The new blog entry corrects the OCR error “the successor to I-Handbook M 37″ to just plain “the successor to Handbook M 37″. Thank you citebite for preserving the original plagiarized text.

Golly, Lucille- why go to all this work to cover up when all you had to do was say thank you and let bygones be bygones? I mean, it IS Thanksgiving Day, isn’t it??

Update 2: well, I think Lucille’s lost it. The latest post on her blog is a tirade about how I tried to steal her website! Good grief! Better still, she says I’ve done it before! Here’s the real story: in March 2006, shortly after Lucille had clumsily plagiarized an entire blog entry from my site, I registered the domain name postalreporter.net. That domain redirects to postalnews.com. I’m not sure why Lucille is upset about that- she did, after all, have the opportunity to register it herself, and didn’t. I’ll admit I did it to tweak her a little for stealing content from me- (it’s not like anyone actually types postalreporter.net into their browser)- I doubt I’ve ever gotten any traffic from that redirect.

The business about me “hijacking” another domain is just a complete lie. Way back when, another web site operator who covers postal news registered postalnews.net. He later registered postalnews.info. When I found out about the registrations, I registered the .net and .info domains that corresponded to his web site. After a while, we both agreed it was silly, and we exchanged the domains. I’m not sure how Lucille gets from an amicable agreement between two parties to hijacking.

And what is the best Lucille can come up with now? Does she offer any explanation for her actions? No- in fact her blog entry doesn’t even bother to deny that she did it- instead, she’s posted my name and home address on her blog. (She probably thinks she’s posted my telephone number, too, but it isn’t correct). What kind of person sinks to that level? I was thinking maybe I’d been too harsh when I used the word “sleazy” in describing her actions. Now I think I may have been too charitable.