GAO: “DonahoeCare” would increase expenses for postal workers and retirees, shift billions in costs to Medicare

The Government Accountability Office today released its assessment of Postmaster General Pat Donahoe’s plan to force all postal employees and retirees (excluding himself and his fellow executives) out of the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program, and into a plan run by the USPS. The GAO report confirmed that the USPS would save money under the proposal, but that those savings would come from shifting costs onto taxpayers, employees and retirees, rather than from actual net cost reductions.

First the “good” news:

GAO estimated that at least 63 percent of postal enrollees in the selected FEHBP plans would pay similar or lower premiums under the USPS plan


… some employees and retirees could have higher total costs— premiums and out-of-pocket costs for the use of care—due in part to differences in deductibles and maximum spending limits.

And that 63% figure means that over a third of enrollees would get hit with higher premiums along with any increases in out of pocket costs for care. Continue reading

Darrell Issa doesn't think unions should fight for postal workers' jobs

That’s the impression given by this recent tweet:

I wonder if #postal workers know how much of their #union dues big labor is wasting on ads & political campaigns?
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Darrell pretends to be ignorant of a couple of facts-

  • The political contributions dispensed by labor union PACs come from voluntary contributions from members, not union dues
  • The current APWU ad campaign is supported by a dues increase that was publicly announced by the elected representatives of the APWU membership. The members elected the leadership and gave them the authority to make that call- if the members aren’t happy with that, they can vote the leadership out.
  • Unlike Darrell Issa, postal workers are not allowed to use taxpayer dollars to get their point across- they use the money they earn by actually working
  • “Big Labor” is a term the right wing likes to use to make unions sound just as bad as Big Business- it ignores the simple fact that labor unions are organizations whose leaders are elected by the members, supported by the members’ dues.
  • Darrell also ignores the simple fact that union members probably contribute more money to right wing politicians involuntarily– for example, every time they buy “Brawny” paper towels, “Angel Soft” toilet paper, and a host of other products sold by the Koch Brothers, some of that money ends up in the hands of the Tea Party “movement”. That’s the real scandal, not the money postal workers contribute voluntarily to protect their jobs.

I think I prefer fake Darrell:

APWU Calls on Issa to Correct Misstatements via @postalnews If I have to correct all my lies Id never be able to stop!!
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