Video: Michigan Mail Carrier Attacked by Pitbulls

From WBKB TV, Alpena, Michigan:

A little over a week ago a city mail carrier was out on her route when she was attacked by a pitbull and sent to the hospital for surgery on her hand and arm. She has asked that we not say her name to protect her in this situation.  

The mail carrier had just dropped off the mail and was leaving the porch of the house when she heard the pitbulls.

Source: Mail Carrier Bitten by Dog

Rural carrier protects customer from charging dog

Wylie, TX, Rural Carrier Melissa Dudley

Wylie, TX, Rural Carrier Melissa Dudley was on her route recently when she saw a large dog running toward a man who was going to his mailbox.

The dog was barking and the man, 83, was having difficulty walking. Dudley pulled her vehicle in front of the man until neighbors arrived and got the dog under control.

The man’s wife later wrote to Postmaster Marsha Mendoza to praise Dudley’s quick thinking. “We are so grateful for her,” the woman wrote.

Dudley, the daughter of Postal Service employees, also received praise from Mendoza.

“It makes me even more proud of her actions that she didn’t hesitate to put herself out there to protect our customer,” Mendoza said.

Source: USPS News Link Story – Heroes’ corner

Mail carrier and dog team up to rescue cat

From USPS News Link:

Who says postal carriers and dogs can’t get along?

Dori Blackburn recently joined the Postal Service as a rural carrier in Winthrop, WA. For several days, she was approached on her route by a dog that seemed eager to befriend her.

One day, the dog was more persistent than usual. Blackburn tried to ignore the continuous barking, then realized the animal was trying to tell her something — so she followed the dog to a locked cargo trailer where she could hear a cat crying.

Blackburn went to a nearby house and explained what happened to a woman, who was relieved. The woman’s cat, Simon, had been missing for three weeks.

The woman rescued Simon from the trailer and thanked Blackburn — and the dog — for reuniting her with her missing pet. The woman then took Simon to a veterinarian, who gave him a clean bill of health.

via USPS News Link Story – Heroes’ corner.

Video: Pit bulls attack Texas letter carrier

BEAUMONT-by Kara Dixon

Ryan Angell knew something was wrong when he looked in his backyard and did not see two of his Pit Bulls.

"I opened up the front door and that’s when the gentleman drove up and said your dogs bit my mail carrier,"

Beaumont Animal Services says Angell’s dogs bit a mail carrier Tuesday afternoon in the 3800 block of Cecil Drive.

Angell said he can not believe his dogs, Sadie and Dottie, could hurt anyone.

"They’re not vicious dogs. They’re the most lovable things I’ve known since I’ve been home," Angell.

Paramedics took the postal worker to a hospital.

Animal Services said she had injuries to her hand, arm, calf and foot.

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Video: Woman Claims Letter Carrier To Blame For Dog’s Death

collieBALDWIN (KDKA) — Elijah Jordan, known to the neighborhood as “E.J.” was a handsome guy, but the 4-year-old Collie meant the most to Pam Grace.

“He was my life,” said Grace. “He was my baby. And he’s not with me anymore.”

Last Tuesday afternoon, about 4:30 p.m., a new mail carrier who’d only only been on the job for a month, was delivering letters off her customary route on Willett Road in Baldwin.

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