Singapore Post Office reinvents itself for the digital age

When a German lingerie brand wanted to sell bras online in Malaysia, it turned to Singapore’s nearly 200-year-old national postal service.

Singapore Post built a website, developed a marketing strategy and now delivers packages for the company, Triumph International. The customer service team even answers questions about sizing.

As postage stamps give way to keyboard clicks, SingPost is redefining the role of the letter carrier, by creating a one-stop shop for retailers’ e-commerce needs in Asia.

In South Korea, SingPost is helping to sell Levi’s jeans. In Singapore, it is stocking Toshiba laptops. In Malaysia, it is delivering Adidas sneakers.

With traditional mail services in decline, post offices around the world are scrambling to reinvent themselves for the digital age.

“Sitting on that burning platform, we looked around and said, ‘Where could we develop?'” said Wolfgang Baier, the chief executive of SingPost.

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