FedEx investing $41 million on new NC SmartPost plant- 89% of jobs to be part time

Just a hint of what privatization of the USPS would mean- a town in North Carolina is apparently thrilled to have attracted a new FedEx sorting facility, even though 89% of the new “jobs” will be part time:

Fedex logoCONCORD, N.C. – The announcement Thursday that FedEx SmartPost plans to move jobs from Charlotte to Concord includes the addition of a new 330,780-square-foot distribution center in the Phase III portion of the International Business Park in Concord.

SunCap Property Group LLC is building the $27 million facility for FedEx SmartPost, which has said it plans to employ 59 full-time employees and 462 part-time employees at the Concord location by 2019. The new facility will triple the size of the operation, which currently is located at 8910 Pioneer Ave., Charlotte.

Read more: FedEx investing $41 million to move SmartPost facility to Concord – The Independent Tribune: News.

  • LloydStreetMarty

    Smart Post is a FedEx, USPS joint venture. FedEx gets over a Billion Dollars a year from the Post Office so they don’t want privatization.

    • Retired USPS ET

      Au contraire, mon frère! Why settle for a piece of the pie, when you can abscond with the whole thing (or much larger portion)?

      • LloydStreetMarty

        Smart Post and Parcel Select are a part of the contract to use UPS and FedEx planes for mail transportation.

    • Stellar Steve, Window Tech

      And the PO currently gets pennies on the dollar for every “last mile of delivery”…whoopee, we should be pushing for the whole piece of the pie, not just part of the crust. But, that is what our management wants, to reduce our workforce, even at the expense of their own jobs, which they do not see happening.

      • LloydStreetMarty

        Smart Post and Parcel Select are part of the contract we have with UPS and FedEx that allows us to use their planes for mail transportation.

  • justmehla

    Ah yes our Corporate Goals Part Time American Dream.

  • Nemso

    This probably means more smartpost packages to deliver plus we are about to start our new “same day delivery” contract with Amazon. Better rest up, as an employee of the USPS with a work ethic, the whip will be on my back!!! Don’t get me wrong, we need this business and I’m glad to have it. I just don’t want to be pressured to run like a dog to deliver these packages.

    • delivery supervisor

      NEMSO, You will be pressured like never before! I can’t wait to crack that whip!

      • Nemso

        Delivery Supervisor, why don’t you instead ride all the routes in your station so you can see firsthand those who have an hour or more of undertime every day? They are stealing from the USPS and you do not do your job to prevent it!!!

        • PDBOCC

          You sound like a 204B candidate. You should not have to “run like a dog” to do your job. Follow the rules, do your job according to those rules and you won’t run like a dog. Remeber a fair days work for a fair days pay.

          • Nemso

            I have one foot out the door, retiring end of next Sept. Our management team puts undo pressure on those who work and none on those who don’t. At this point, I am hobbled by an arthritic hip and really can’t run. They’ll just have to deal with me.

      • PDBOCC

        You are a true example of everything that is wrong with USPS management. Let me guess, you became a supervisor because you get to stay indoors and avoid the weather and exercise control over the workers even though you’ve never had any formal training in management.

        • delivery supervisor

          Yep, and loving every minute of it! Crack that whip!

          • PDBOCC

            Well, that was a first! A supervisor actually admitting they became a supervisor to stay indoors, avoid the weather, and exercise control over the workers, all the while having absolutely no formal training in managment, Learning the job from another supervisor who also has no formal training in management does not qualify as being trained. You get points for honesty. Let me venture one more guess, you do not hold a bachelors degree from an accredited four year university, just a high school diploma, possibly a GED. But, by golly, you will probably get one of those jobs at the district level, where your lack of management skills will be rewarded even more.

          • Delivery supervisor

            Correct! District loves abusive supervisors, so let the crack of the whip be heard! Soon I will get my promotion to district, where I will make over 100K, and get my high three to where I want it to be, for a more generous pension! Life is good!

          • common sense

            Not a first, and I doubt it was actually from a supervisor- it’s an obvious troll. Thanks for encouraging him.

          • PDBOCC

            Maybe, Maybe Not. Either way, you’re welcome

    • Nora Mendez-Robles

      Yes. The carriers will get the work but at the cost of mail handler and clerk jobs. I don’t know if you’re aware that the sorting and processing operations sustain the last mile delivery. With private companies like FedEx, UPS and Cargo Force taking over these operations while the PMG closes more mail processing plants, who will eventually fund the last mile delivery?

      • Nemso

        Yes I do know, Nora, and I feel for those job losses for our mail handlers and clerks. It’s also sad we got a 2 tiered wage system for carriers. Our unions need to step it up and start fighting a little harder for us!

        • PDBOCC

          Get a clue!! The clerks got a permanent two tier wage system. The carriers do indeed have a two tier system at the beginning, but at the end of the 12 1/2 year period required to reach the top step in pay, both wage systems earn the same hourly pay, ( currently $27.50 per hour), scheduled to increase to about $28.50 per hour after the combined deferred 2013 COLA and the 2014 August COLA and Nov 1.5% pay raise.. The clerks never reach the same hourly pay those who were employed before thier latest contract, the newer clerks will always earn less. they can thank thier previous National President for that. The NALC managed to ensure that aftert the CCA’s become regular they will earn the same pay at the top of the scale as those hired before our current contract. You should spend some time learning what is in our contract instead of complaining about your fellow carriers.

          • Nemso

            What a mean-spirited reply! I have a union mentality and would walk a picket line with you clerks. And I was not complaining, just stating a fact. Of course it stands to reason I know more about the carrier contract than the clerk contract, since I am a carrier.

          • PDBOCC


            I am also a carrier and the union steward at my shop, if you would read my comment you could figure that out .The clerks never reach the same hourly pay those who were employed before thier latest contract, the newer clerks will always earn less. they can thank thier previous National President for that. (Notice I said “the” clerks, not “us” clerks, and “before “thier” latest contract, not “our” latest contract, and they can thank “thier” previous National President, not “our” previous National President, all those words imply that I was referring to another craft, not as a member of that craft. It was not a mean spirited reply, it was a reply that a fellow carrier did not know what the NALC was able to do for us even though we went to arbritation, these are your words “It’s also sad we got a two-tiered wage system for our carriers”. “Of course it stands to reason i know more about the carrier contract than the clerk contract, since I am a carrier”. If you indeed had a union mentality one would expect you to know that even though it is two-tiered to start, it’s equal at the end of the 12 1/2 period required to reach the top of the pay scale. The APWU members were screwed by their past National President who agreed to a permanent lower wage for new hires. The NALC does indeed “Step Up” and do more for their members than all the other postal unions do for thier members.

          • Nemso

            It’s Nemso, not Nesmo and the “Get a clue” was what made me call you mean-spirited. No need to debate you, you seem to know everything.

          • PDBOCC


            Sorry for misspelling your name. I certainly do not know everything, you could fill the Library of Congress with the things I don’t know. But when I read the words you wrote; “Our unions need to step it up and start fighting a little harder for us!” It upset me, while we certainly suffered our share of losses, the NALC gets better results for its members than any other postal union. I consider that to be just another example of someone commenting on this blog without first learning the facts about their comments. Truce?

          • Nemso

            Yes, truce. I have been a union member since I came to work at USPS 28 years ago and have also been a union steward who did her job and upheld the contract (which, unfortunately, some here in the Atlanta area do not do). I am glad I am union protected and I keep pretty up to date on what is going on with the USPS and the world.

          • postalworker1

            I agree with evrythng your sying aboutusclerks, we actually voted yes on this horrible clerk contract , the past president sorta of scared us (EVEN THOUGH WHERE I AM FROM WE VOTED NO-R.I) the (mine) foolish membership ratified it versus doing whatyhe carriers and mailhandlersdid arbitration. so rhe future clerks take it in the paychecks, this contract coming up next yr. could be the most important in my27+ yrs.for the future of the USPS.(p.s. I do think they will lways need carriers..gotta be the safest job at po)

          • PDBOCC

            Postalworker 1
            Thanks for the kind words. Pretty sure you APWU folks will have to go to arbitration to get equality with the carrier and mailhandler contract, management is not going to voluntarily give you a contract that undoes what they won last time. I also agree this upcoming contract is probably the most important one since the 1970 strike. I also agree the carriers will always be needed, it’s pretty hard to invent a machine to do the actual placing of a letter in a mailbox.

  • sinatra

    enemies have mounted a relentless, never –ending assault on our wages, benefits
    and, indeed, our very existence. Our enemies are a ruthless, despicable lot who
    will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, which is the decimation,
    dismantling and privatization of the USPS. Their vision includes an army of
    low-paid workers with no benefits and no collective bargaining.

    Our enemies look at
    us and see the largest civilian union workforce in the country. And make no
    mistake, our enemies Hates union. They hate unions because we are the last
    obstacle that stands in their way of the ultimate goal, which is to end
    democracy and turn this country into an oligarchy; where the greedy rule and
    the masses work to serve their masters.

    You really have to
    be blind to not see what has been going on in this country for the last 30-40
    years. Economic inequality didn’t just happen, it was engineered. Our enemies
    have a blueprint, a master plan for the total destruction of any semblance of a
    middle class. Their Media have poisoned the national discourse. Instead of
    blaming the real culprits, our enemies have us blaming the poor, the elderly,
    the unemployed and the unions. They did a fantastic job because they were even
    successful in pitting union members against each other (see scabs). People who should know
    better have bought into the wretched, maggot-infested mindset perpetrated by
    our enemies.

    The enemies of the
    Postal Service are the same group who hates organized labor. Their plan is to
    knock us off one at a time. Their plan is to finance and elect union-hating
    representatives who will pass legislation that will away and weaken the
    foundation of the labor movement (see turncoat democrat Sen. Carper(De.);
    co-author of the Carper-Coburn bill, Sen.Lieberman(Ct.); etc. )

    To counter this
    onslaught, the American worker must become politically active and vote for
    economic justice and not succumb to the hate and fear tactics our enemies use
    to divide us. What we do in November will determine the future of the middle
    class”. PRES. ROLANDO is a paper tiger. Active Retired Letter Carrier . Picket those who stand in our way. THE FIGHTERS FROM THE 1970 STRIKE : THE MEMBERSHIP OVERTURNED THE WILL OF THE NATIONAL OFFICIALS. THEY USED PETITIONS ;that didn’t work and the rest is history.