Audio: Deepak Chopra on reinventing Canada Post with big price hikes and big service cuts

Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra spoke with Michael Enright on The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright this morning:

In 1867, the Dominion of Canada named Sir Alexander Campbell, a Father of Confederation, as the country’s first Postmaster General.

His mandate was to provide uniform service across the land, using the British Royal Mail as a model: postal charges would be based on weight, not destination; and citizens would pay those costs by purchasing a new-fangled thing called a postage stamp.

The following decades brought innovations: the introduction of rural mail delivery; the beginning of airmail service; the invention of the automated postal sorter; and the implementation of the country’s system of postal codes.

After a series of postal strikes in the 1960s and 70s, the government of Pierre Elliott Trudeau decided to replace what was then called the Post Office Department with a new crown corporation. Canada Post was born in 1981.

There has been a stunning rate of change since then, much of it due to the growth of email and the precipitous drop in what some now call “snail mail”. Canada Post has seen a steady decline in its revenues and in the volume of paper mail it handles.

Enter Deepak Chopra.

Three years ago, Mr. Chopra left his job as the head of Pitney Bowes and became the President and CEO of Canada Post. In recent months, he announced drastic steps in an effort to save the millions of dollars that are bleeding from the corporation’s coffers.

Read more: Deepak Chopra | The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright | CBC Radio.

  • lynn

    new trucks that are to small for parcel growth New machines to sort declining letter Mail New postal buildings the amount spent on double bundle procedures get rid of Deepak

  • lynn

    Give the old right hand drive llv to rural canada on the number one highway they can’t move all that well in the snow northern canada it snows.Then paint them white and you know what happens when a transport can’t see the mail truck.

  • Craig

    The decline of the post office is due to it’s inability to deliver, period. I have complained repeatedly of postal packages being sent directly for pick-up and attempt to deliver notices being mailed general post, and it’s a waste of my time and the cost for delivery. I’m tired of there games. Sell Canada Post, to anyone, for any price just to be rid of there liability, it’s employee’s!