The pipeline problem at the Postal Service


Add yet another problem to the many confronting the beleaguered U.S. Postal Service. Its bench of leaders is growing old.

In a report released Monday, the postal inspector general’s office said that 35 percent of postal executives were eligible for retirement as of 2012, and it expects 49 percent will be eligible by 2015. Making matters worse: About 30 percent of the people currently being groomed to succeed them are in a position to retire, too. That number will balloon to 73 percent in the next seven years.

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  • JG4th

    years before I retired I said they needed to mentor folks as it hasn’t been done in over a decade

  • exsup.

    Pissed me off, so I retired.

  • DG

    They need to stop being greedy and go ahead and retire.

  • dorughtthing

    postal service needs to wise up and realize that customer service should be a priority for there business. Operating with long lines and expecting people to use a kiosk so they can reduce staff is making the public very angry and will cause them to lose more business and revenue in the future if someone does not wise up real soon and change things

  • Gekko

    Get the new blood in because the old blood is bleeding the postal service to death I shake my head everyday on how this place is run get someone in here with a smart business plan instead of cutting staff and service it’s time to look ahead instead of behind