Video: USPS insurance doesn’t guarantee a paid damage claim


A Laveen man says the post office damaged his shipment and won’t honor his insurance claim. The reason comes down to how the item was packed.

It seems reasonable to think that if a USPS employee is going to sell you insurance on your item, they would also tell you if you packed it properly, but that is not the case. And in the end, it is up to you to prove you packed correctly if you want your damage claim to be approved.


Read more: Postal insurance doesn’t guarantee a paid damage claim – CBS 5 – KPHO.

  • Mnmailman

    Looks like a ups label to me.

    • Retired Mailman

      It looks like he re-used an old box. He did have the Insured Mail receipt from the USPS. He should have removed the old label before mailing. Things that are rare should be sent by Registered Mail. Registered Mail is handled manually and is signed for at each stop.