Video: PMG discusses the future of the Postal Service

(KTVI) – The US Postal Service has been struggling over the past decade, losing billions of dollars because of the decline in mail volume and the rise of the internet and electronic mail. Now there are new strategies and new partnerships in place to keep the US Postal Service going.

Randi Naughton talked with US Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe about the future of the Postal Service.

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  • Mr. Guest

    How does this incompetent buffoon keep his position?

    • Gregg Grubbs

      He is a complete MORON!! He wants a non career,low wage,temp workforce to replace the experienced dedicated career employees.I retired last year and since then 2 more clerks have retired and not one has been replaced.The only hiring being done is CCA’s and PSE’s.Unions need to address this problem.This clown needs to go!!

    • vitameatavegamin

      Sheep like delivery stupidvisor…..that’s how!

  • delivery supervisor

    The pmg has been doing a fine job cutting costs across the board. Now all we need is elimination of saturday delivery, and a good postal reform bill that will allow for even more cost cutting, including more hiring of low cost, flexable work force. Thank God we have such a terrific pmg!

    • MUDD


  • postalworker

    Same problem everywhere around the nation, they just let things tear down. Used to be 3 maintenance guys in my area . Now only one left!!! Everything broke down in the area and they just don’t care, It is the most terrible place that I have worked since in the Post Office.

  • Mike


  • tom

    cant wait for saturdays off!!!!

  • jim

    eliminate saturday delivery

  • jerald

    Greed driven, conflicting, performance standards which are organizationally self destructive where the objective of achieving them is merely for personal gain. Work a part time clerk 5 hours 45 minutes… standard met. Meanwhile carriers waiting on mail resulting in overtime. Call any post office and ask for postmaster, not only will you get them on the phone, they are usually the one answering!

  • jerald

    BTW, part of that clerk’s 5 hours and 45 minutes is spent sorting bulk rate standard flats which were prepared by the mailer bundled and in delivery order until the USPS opens the bundle and runs them through a flat sorter which not only takes them out of sequence but sorts to the wrong route! Those responsible should be charged with obstructing and delaying the mail!