• joe stutzman

    put it in gear, turn off, set emergency brake!! works every time.

  • backmtjayare

    Well, it was nice working with you pal!

  • Jimbo Jones

    The dogs wanted to help.

    • Ben Franklin

      I love how they realized the truck was rolling before the driver did.

  • chris

    im not surprised! I work for USPS and even though I cannot account for everybody I work with we are told over and over and over about parking brakes not ever backing up turning off vehicle etc….you see fed ex and ups usually fed ex talking on the phone while driving and backing up, hauling butt down the street while truck is still on.

    • chad

      Yea I work for fedex we don’t have time bullshitting around on our routes like u guys do taking all day to do a few streets and having time to talk to customers ohh wait u guys are union that’s why u can do that. Unions protect the lazy people at work now go back to work ur 2 hour break is over….

      • Fred Smith

        Chad- right on brother! You must be so proud of the fact that you have worse working conditions, lower pay, and can be fired at the drop of a hat if someone needs a job for their lazy nephew. You’re what the New America is all about! Good luck with your career! If you get burnt out working for FedEx, I’m sure you can get a job as a greeter at WalMart or something! We salute you!

        • chad

          No I don’t work for a contractor I work for fedex so great pay full benfits