House GOP Budget Would Cut Compensation for Postal Workers

From Government Executive:


The House Republican budget considered in committee Wednesday would require U.S. Postal Service employees to pay more for health care, using that reform and others to save $19 billion over 10 years.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., targeted USPS employees in his budget blueprint as part of a larger effort to find cuts through the federal workforce. Ryan’s plan would also impose pension contribution hikes on all federal employees and reduce the size of the workforce through attrition measures.

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  • Marty Stein

    Good. If postal workers want to use FEHB insurers, they should pay the same rates as government workers. Otherwise, they should get their Obamacare where they can find it.

    • proud to be postal

      We do pay for our insurance…and at the same rate as other goverment workers…

      • RB

        look at the charts of nalc for non postal and postal active federal employee’s The other agency’s employees pay more for their premiums in comparison but once retired Postal Retiree’s pay non postal rates that are same as other federal agencies

    • JG4th

      Sure as soon as they get locality pay….

    • ruralone

      Obamacare would probably save my family money over what we pay as postal workers. AGAIN, TAXPAYERS DON’T pay for postal workers or their benefits. It is funded by postage!

    • freecountry

      Another misinformed, right wing, whacko. Think she has been hitting the “steins” too much

  • proud to be postal

    I bet Mr. Ryan isn’t going to cut his pension…..politicians sure deserve theirnover inflated pensions along with their egos

  • Wow

    Usps pay there own salaries through stamps and delivery, they also pay other agencies salaries and healthcare …..Usps employees don’t get a dime from the government …..they were robbed because of a bill in 2006 that the Republican house snuck through with no votes ……I swear some people don’t have a clue….stop watching fox….pllleeaaassse

  • Marcus1956

    Ryan lets cut your salary, pension, and free perks. What a complete jerk!

  • Getaclue

    You’ll be hearing more from this pencil neck as the next national election grows nearer. Little boy wonder is looking to promote his slash and burn mentality to gut the service in favor of big business.

  • Skid

    Probably doesn’t mention his wife is a lobbyist for UPS in any of his legislation does he?

  • Kurt Heubusch

    our health benefits come from a contract with usps, has nothing to do with taxmoney.i guess when you become a legislator you figure you can change all to your liking. why don`t they go after health care providers and ask them why it costs so much. or ask pfitzer why do they charge so much for prescription drugs. I`m sure he knows them by name as they more than likely throw money his way………..why do millionaire legislators get the gov`t insurance anyway….

  • jeefray .

    There is absolutely nothing going on in Paul Ryan’s mind, that does not require destruction, degradation and handing the government over to the private sector. You remember the private sector don’t you? The people that shipped all our jobs overseas, bankrupted the country with shady financial footwork and destroyed the middle class. The same people that now hold almost the entire Gross National Product in their hot little hands. We are way past time to get rid of all of these trolls. VOTE THEM OUT!