Video: Man Hides in Bushes, Catches Teens Stealing Packages

Tired of having packages stolen from his front door, a resident in San Diego’s Chula Vista area caught a group of teenage thieves in the act by hiding in some bushes and jumping out just as the teens were grabbing more loot, police said.

Turns out, the teens had accumulated quite the collection of lifted items – and not just from the man who caught them red-handed.

According to police, Chad Bear set up the sting to bust the teens in front of his home in the 1400-block of Trailwood Avenue on Thursday. One day earlier, Bear learned his neighbor had found some packaging material in his yard with Bear’s address on it.

Read more: Man Hides in Bushes, Catches Teens Stealing Packages | NBC 7 San Diego.

  • rula

    yessssssssssss……..sad, but glad he caught the kid.

  • Marcus1956

    Sue the parents.

  • backmtjayare

    The teens should have been charged with mail theft (felony) as well.

  • PistolPeterson

    Good for him. He saved a ton a tax dollars by doing it himself.