USPS video tells would be CCAs “move at your own pace” delivering the mail

The USPS recently posted a YouTube video aimed at recruiting City Carrier Assistants, the lower paid, temporary positions that are taking the place of many traditional full time carrier jobs.

The spot appears to use actual CCAs describing their workdays. Some of their experiences may come as a surprise to long time postal workers:

Maybe you spend about an hour or two inside loading, but once you get out onto the street, it’s your own time.

You can really pace yourself. Once you’re outside the station, it’s like you’re more relaxed.

You kind of move at your own pace. You don’t have anyone really breathing down your back.

you just get out, you do your own thing

When you’re a postal carrier, you become an impromptu tourist guide.

(Quotes are taken verbatim from the YouTube transcript).

  • BigBob

    Yeah – move at your own pace.
    Just take out the 8-10 hours of mail and get back in 5 hours.
    Very relaxing when the supervisor meets you on the street and asks why you’re running late.
    Plus you’re out in the healthy fresh air, except when it’s snowing and -5 degrees.

    USPS CCA’s – a dream job.

    • Guest

      And by meeting you mean drives behind you. 🙂

    • jonnyohio

      …and in 100 degree heat…and if you pass out from heat exhaustion you’ll be fired, because you got the safety talk about how to prevent it, so you were apparently not doing what you were told.

  • Jeff Mullen

    You can work your own pace if it is jogging! CCA retention rate is very low. I have seen them fired after three days because they did not get done fast enough to please management!

    • jonnyohio

      Or they quit. We just had someone come in and quit on his first day of OTJ and we’re not a very big office at all.

    • david

      unlikely, generally unless you do one of a couple things you won’t get fired within your first 30 days, one is getting hurt. two getting into a vehicle accident, and you have to be pretty inept to get fired before 60 days


    It’s a frigg’n joke and so are they. The US post office should be privatized. Have you actually seen the people they hire for this position?The cops around here have to look at them for a full minute before they figure out what the deal is and don’t arrest them for suspicion of attempted burglary. Some of the mail never arrives or gets sent out. A lot of it goes to my neighbors and theirs to my box. I suspect most of them are functional illiterates and have criminal records. Thank goodness we have those crappy communal boxes at the end of the block and these people don’t actually come up to the door and peek in. I think its part of conspiracy by the banks, utilities and federal government to force us all to bank by the internet which by the way is being taken over by the UN. We are so screwed.

    • Ben Franklin

      Absolutely! Privatize the USPS and then all the temp workers will be righteous intelligent church going clean cut young people who only want to serve you. Just like the staff at McDonalds, say, or WalMart. Except that you’ll be trusting them to handle your private letters, credit cards, checks, etc.

      Brilliant plan! (Then the UN will be the least of your worries!!)

      • I_RIGHT_I

        At least you could fire them.

        • Ben Franklin

          Then who would deliver the mail?

        • CCA that survive

          Fire them? You think we can`t get fire now? You really have a BIG mouth, perhaps i am sure you did had a very bad experience in your past with PS and now you rage over it. Please wake up from your bubble and stop the gossips . Theres nothing more stupid than talking innorant of facts.

    • BigBob

      You’re absolutely right. Except for that part about the internet being taken over by the U.N.
      It’s run by aliens who, by the way, have probably implanted a microchip inside your brain without your knowledge….

      • Ben Franklin

        Which never would have happened if the stupid CCA didn’t steal the tin-foil hat he ordered!

    • Ben Franklin’s enlightened bro

      It’s pretty obvious you have no idea how the Post Office works, or how nothing else works for that matter.

    • Suzz

      Are you kidding me ???? I have been a potal worker for 27 years ! I can honestly say I have never been looked at by anyone on my route the way you have discribed me ! I was going to say something just as IGNORANT AND RUDE as what you wrotte but decided I was the better person and just want to tell you that YOU ARE WRONG !!!! Most of my co- workers are honest , caring and hard working people …. What do you do for a living??

    • joe

      what a moron…

    • OverWorkedPse

      LMAO u sound bitter, did u not pass the test, u get fired, or just not selected at all, ((((LMAO))))!!!!! O and by the way u sound AS THOUGH U BEEN SCREWED!!!!!

    • Donahoe

      You think a federal job hires criminals? Get over it. I am assuming you applied and no one called you.

    • vitameatavegamin

      I don’t know who is more full of crap…….you or the video by the USPS.

  • MikeS

    Except for a couple seconds near the beginning, they don’t show anyone with a satchel carrying letter mail, flats, and ADVOs! I’d like my CCAs to see this, they’d get a good laugh out of it.

  • Tony

    The advertisement underscores the reality of a letter carriers job immensely.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    I got a warm,fuzzy feeling after seeing this clip!!Makes me wanna become a CCA and make 15 bucks an hour and getting little or no training and get abused my management!! A dream come true!!

  • WNY Letter Carrier

    Why did they only show carriers in NYC? How about residential, park and loop carriers, carrying a third bundle and a full, 35 pound loaded bag? Completely inaccurate….

  • no name carrier

    Yeah…..except you have to carry a cell phone with you at all times that has GPS in it. If you stay to long in one place ( they watch you on their computer back at the office), you will be reprimanded.

    • david

      working at your own pace means moving continuously outside of your lunch and 2 breaks you should not be standing still for more then 3 minutes

  • OverWorkedPse

    Coming from a former carrier believe it if you want to, go ahead and go out on the street and think you can go at your own pace and see how QUICK you are let go, come that 30 day review, BYE BYE!!! They just need to fill their ever so high most turned over position, I mean look at the desperation with the youtube video that lies to get you in just to turn around and FIRE YOU. This is why I changed positions and became a PSE!!!!

    • Carrier Rep

      I got news for you pal, PSE’s don’t have it any better and you will be very lucky if you ever become a career employee on the Clerk side as most of the employees the PMG wants to get rid of will be Clerks.

      • Guest

        Lol I didnt come to the post office to make a career out of this but sonds like you have and that is fine. I chose to work here because I can pay my college tuition so your comment holds no leverage with this PSE so sorry but who cares if the regular opportunity comes along or not, NOT ME.

      • OverWorkedPse

        Lol I didnt come to the post office to make a career out of this but sounds like you have and that is fine. I chose to work here because I can pay my college tuition so your comment holds no leverage with this PSE so sorry but who cares if the regular opportunity comes along or not, NOT ME.

  • Tyrone Shoelaces

    What a bunch of bs

  • jjfad

    what a joke. As long as that pace is getting u back on time, after your 90 days, your done if your coming back late. When they cut cca pay, the good ones, with a brain, quit. Its better to work somewhere else for $13 hr, with bennies, sick pay, vacation time, not working 6-7 days a week, every week, and not be treated like a dog. The pay cut made it no longer worth sticking it out. We got a new cca, she said she was told in training she would be a reg in about 2 years. I said go talk to our 2 ccas who been here 5 years, who r making less than when they started. They r also better than some regs here.

  • Crazyt6

    It’s not just a job, it,s an adventure

  • CCA

    very misleading.. VERY!

  • rich

    This is obviously sunday delivery of Amazon…totally misleading of the daily obstacles faced by letter carriers…

  • jess

    What a joke!! seriously! this is so far from the truth. Come on USPS can you ever just tell the truth!! I think this company is built on lies!!

  • All Your TSP Belong To Us !

    More lies from usps mgmt.


  • deimos19

    I have worked in about 50 offices, every one I used to say the following:
    this is where fun comes to die.
    management is unencumbered by the thought process.
    where else would you have a multi-billion dollar business and put someone with a GED in charge?
    I don’t make the rules, I just have to follow them with a helpless and defeated attitude.

  • Sr

    Go to YouTube!
    Comments are disabled.
    No kidding

    • vitameatavegamin

      Mgt. didn’t like them……….or were the comments never enabled, so they would’nt have to put up with them?

  • Solder 10013

    Worked in Staten Island and Manhattan, Management and Supervisors are horrible. Everything followed by rules of upper management. Sometimes make you feel how these people get hired into these positions. Seen some Supervisors play favorites with carriers, they rather give over-time to regulars than CCAs, sometimes they give 2-3 different assignments to CCAs and they expect you be like superman to finish all that work at certain time.
    Toilets in the station are in terrible condition, rather use some building outside, no towel papers, no toilet seat covers. No gloves, hands and fingers get cut no first aid kit or bandage to cover.
    Regulars make it even harder for CCAs, some they don’t update their casing stations, when new CCAs assigned to case that route and if they don’t know where there names and numbers creates frustration. Most of the CCAs are now doing parcels, in mini-vans where you can’t even walk inside or stand-up and most of the time without hand trucks. In most cases they have to carry it no matter what. If you get hurt and file report, management will write up the carrier and give letter warning of being considerate up to removal or termination. I can talk about many things… In order USPS start making solid profits it needs to file bankruptcy and make changes, by starting letting go old-timers who don’t want to retire. Train the supervisors and managers like they do to CCAs very often. CCAs caught in two different world they don’t speak the language but work together.

  • postalworker1

    IT is TUFF but if u do get in not a bad career!! beats a lot of other jobs out there, with no bennies or retirement,,don,t take a skill a lil hard work,,n who knows u could become the nxt PMG,

  • jess

    Wow, you must have worked in a bad office… I guess I’m fortunate enough to have respectful supervisors that know when enough is enough. Sorry for you

  • CCAThat’sNotLazy

    I currently work for USPS, Pasadena Main Post Office. I’m a CCA. I want to quit. They gave me a full route, in which I’m truly able to get back by 5; then I’m sent to go and help pick up the slack of another CCA or regular carrier who has an appointment. The video sugar-coats what it’s really like working for the post office. The job in itself isn’t the problem, it’s management. Unrealistic expectations. They need supervisors and above to have an Degree in Business Management. There are a lot of ethics, business and human, that are being violated. Corrupt, backstabbing, misleading, fault finding, provoking, taunting liars….that’s how I can describe them. Forget having work-life balance. We’re working 7 days a week! Days off are sporadic and unexpected, maybe once every 3 weeks. Injuries are accumulating and CCA’s are reluctant to report anything because of fear of being terminated for REPORTING it. All due respect to the regular carriers, they paid their dues. But, we are more worked than they are. They have their set days off and one rotating during the week. They can actually use their Annual Leave and Sick Leave. Yes, CCA’s get Annual Leave as well, but the supervisors don’t let us use it until we get our 5 day break after 360 days. I’m going to quit, I don’t care if they offer me a regular-career position. It’s not worth my health and sanity. I’m gone as soon as I find another job. Yes, the new job might pay less, but, I value my free time and health.

    • david

      they send you back out because your under-timing your route also contractually they are required to give you off at least 1 day every 14 days if that’s not happening complain to your shopsteward

  • Lingo Mija

    Here here CCAthats not lazy has said it all,I was given a 1 day training with a T6 because the OJI called in sick.I only received 1 and a half day training by him because he is tired of his job and wants only the pay,I got dropped off 3 times on our 2nd day of training so he could drive by himself because he didn’t me to be in the back cab in 104 degree weather. Sounds okay but he was not watching my back. He threw me under the bus when he took a vacation and guess who had to pull his route? yes me the person who didn’t see him finish his route because he made me wait @ the side of the road.When I tried to cover his route I screwed up so bad they sent me help and these regulars have been po ever since. I get the silent treatment and I am not allowed to case up. I will be screwed again when I go to my permanent location. Wow! some training and you wonder why people leave. If you stay you have to be tough as nails, this job consist of blood sweat and tears. My friend left after 3 days she said this is BS.

    • david

      nothing permanent about a cca, until you pull regular you will be moved around shuffled between offices what ever the needs of the post office is

  • nobody

    “Move at your own pace”. “Nobody breathing down your neck”.

    Can I work at one of these post offices please? I’ve been yelled at like at least ten times for not doing the partial routes they’re giving me in the time they expect it to take (which most regular carriers don’t even manage).

  • Mj

    Ive worked for USPS since January of 2016….its been tough and loong and rough BUT I always make my times, I can pick up lots of slack and get paid for it. Overtime is amazing compared to other jobs. I actually get paid for what I put in vs getting threatened to get fired from a minimum wage job(aww shucks….) This is by far not an easy job because it requires constant attention to detail and work but I am more than able to smoke cigs throughout the day totaling maybe 45mins of downtime, plus my breaks, I dont take lunch because I like going home. I may work alot but this is the easiest job Ive ever had….some people just expect it to be simple, cut and dry but thats just not how it is with mail. Ask questions, learn things quick, expect to pick up others’ slack and let no one pick yours up. I pick up the regular city carriers slack more than they ever had mine. Ill complain about the job like any normal person but this job is a cakewalk compared the bs Ive put up with in past jobs.

    • Kaim Argonar

      Old post so probably won’t get a response. But I been a CCA for 2 weeks. I’ve been taking about an hourish longer to finish partial routes given to me. And often I’m sent to help someone else after I’m done. Now when I return they tell me to just ET and leave. But isn’t someone looking at my numbers and thinking I’m taking way longer than normal to do 3 hours of work?

      Granted it may of taken me 4 and a half but not 6-7 hours? Shouldn’t I be putting move times in before I end tour?