Guy that posted video of “Lazy USPS Driver” gets defensive after it goes viral

Yesterday YouTube member eDude76 posted a video showing a package being somewhat carelessly delivered to his house.

As of this writing the clip has been seen almost 700,000 times, and apparently not everyone who has seen it has been impressed- and a lot of viewers doubt it’s authenticity. eDude76 added the following to the description of the video in response:

This video is real, the van belongs to a rural mail carrier working for the USPS.

This is not the first time this has happened, there have been plenty of instances where mail was delivered like this (see links below), and I even reported it before. In this specific instance, I don’t think there was any damage caused by this drop (having trouble with the drive, but hopefully not related), but it wouldn’t be the first time something got damaged. But if you watch carefully, you can see the door being pushed in.

Yes, I understand boxes can go through rough(er) handling while in transit, but that’s not the point, not to mention being dropped on top of another box or conveyer belt is not the same thing.

I have been contacted by the USPS, so hopefully things will calm down now.

To the organizations interested in buying the rights to the video: I’m not interested in selling this video. It was just a small story to tell, and there is a lot more important stuff going on in the world. I thank you for your interest, but can’t release copyright.

Last but not least, it looks like folks are re-uploading this video already, and my only recourse is to file a DMCA notice, but YouTube says they will show the DMCA with my personal info in place of the video, exposing my personal information. How is this even right?

Since people seem to like the video, here are 2 more of previous mail ‘drops’.

  • Tony

    This customer is completely unrealistic! The carrier in the video is saddling the front seat or better yet driving from the passengers seat trying to execute deliveries. God Bless those Rurals who do that on a daily basis! Next time just drop it by the mail box don’t go in his drive way! What a cry baby!


    Lazy, rural carrier. Sorry, I was redundant.

  • RexTheDog

    That’s not a bad throw and NO you cannot “see the door being pushed in”. Shadow trick at the most.
    Clerks at post offices everywhere in the mornings stand in front of route buggies and toss packages farther than this into each route’s buggy. The only packages that clerks do not throw are the ones that are heavy, marked “DO NOT THROW” or “Handle With Care”. Those they walk over to a route buggy and place by hand.
    The only thing that the carrier did wrong was leave it exposed. The home owner should be more caring about his OWN mail and provide the carrier with a larger mailbox or somewhere save to leave the packages, Such as a camper cooler or something.

    The whiner of this video should get a life.

    • Moondog

      “The only thing that the carrier did wrong was leave it exposed.” Seriously?!
      This homeowner had every right to expect that his package be delivered with care whether or not he has a mailbox large enough to accommodate it. I understand your point about how parcels are distributed by the clerks inside the post office, but please don’t excuse bad service.

      • Retired Mailman

        It is bad service but the patron should provide a mailbox large enough to accept his packages. If it were me ,I’d attempt a front door delivery and if no response, leave a notice.

  • El Mas Chingon

    What about getting out of the vehicle, and placing the parcel on the driveway?

  • BigBob

    If some kid was about to walk in front of a moving bus, this idiot ( and a LOT more like him ) would whip out his iphone a take a video. Get a life….