Kansas Company Transforming USPS Fleet Into Spider Man 2 Mobile Billboards

Hutchinson, KS – The United States Postal Service (USPS) enlisted Lowen Color Graphics to provide fleet graphics as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign promoting Priority Mail and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. Lowen is producing and installing vehicle graphics on USPS trucks in major urban centers. Each driver side vehicle graphic features a dynamic image of Spider-Man with corresponding vehicle markings.

Graphics will be installed on more than 200 vehicles per week at 35 locations nationwide. Each installation is being completed on location by Lowen’s industry-leading national network of Lowen Certified/3M Preferred installers.

“Lowen Color Graphics proudly serves the USPS fleet. We were excited when USPS approached us with this significant task.” said Roger Borth, General Manager. “Our high efficiency/large capacity manufacturing unit is working seamlessly in conjunction with our national installation network to execute this sizable project in record time. We are always eager to undertake very large projects with expedited lead times.”

The high-profile marketing campaign in partnership with Sony Pictures began the week of March 17 and continues through the end of May. The fleet graphics are produced on a specialized 3M material that will allow easy removal returning each vehicle to their original appearance after the campaign concludes.

Read more: Lowen Color Graphics Transforming United States Postal Service Fleet Into The Amazing Spider Man 2 Mobile Billboards – Lowen Corporation.

  • surprise!

    Who is paying for the Spiderman billboards?

    Why do we want to return the vehicles to original look after the campaign is over. 20 years old and no body maintenance is not a great look.

  • Cali to Colo

    Easily removable, seems tempting to pranksters or worse.

  • jim

    I would rather the USPS spend the money on this, rather than give those crybaby CCAs an undeserved raise.

  • bigtime

    With the revenue generated from this can we buy fire extinguishers for the trucks that keep bursting into flames?