USPS says it hasn’t “declared war” on custodians

From USPS News Link:

Recent assertions have been made that the Postal Service has “declared war” on the custodians who work in its facilities. These assertions are both false and inaccurate.

Here are the facts: The Postal Service is becoming more efficient in all areas of its business, including the way postal facilities are cleaned and maintained.

Last year, USPS launched a pilot program to determine whether there were smarter, easier and more efficient ways to clean facilities. New cleaning methods, supplies and equipment were tested. USPS managers were pleased with the results.

In January 2014, consistent with requirements under the collective bargaining agreement with the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), the Postal Service provided notice of its intention to invoke the negotiated process to change relevant handbooks and manuals to implement the proposed changes.

Adhering to a negotiated process to implement change should not be construed as a “war” on custodial staff. Rather, this process allows the Postal Service and APWU to discuss all relevant issues regarding the proposed changes that USPS believes will ensure its facilities are cleaned in a more efficient manner.

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  • Roger

    I’m a Postmaster at a Level 18 Post Office and we use an outside contractor. We are only allocated 4 hours a week. I tried to find someone who would do it for 1 hour a day, but had to resort to two hours two days a week. Yes, my facility is dirty and I often have to clean it myself. I wonder what the OSHA requirements are for providing a clean restroom for my employees. In my mind, the bathrooms need to be done daily.

    • Loose cannon

      As a lvl 18 PO I get a PSE 3 times a week 2 hrs per day. The great thing is they come from another office. So the hours get transfers but not the sal and bennies. Rock on for PFP

      • Mick

        Keep fudging those numbers for PFP, you, sir, are the problem

  • dopesincharge

    i am a postmaster in a level 20 office my custodian transferred to another facility and upper management eliminated the position. they said thy we didn’t need the position anymore? they sent in their crack team to measure the place again came up with the same numbers as the last time BUT THIS TIME the numbers stated we didn’t need that position. So bathrooms and floors and the lobby don’t get cleaned regularly and the place sometimes is a mess, but the manager of delivery said we are saving the company money? go figure

  • old letter carrier

    This is a “contracting out” strategy on the part of the USPS. No need to complicate the discussion.

  • CC

    Pitiful. It is simply not enough to drop the catch-word “efficiency” numerous times in order to formulate a satisfactory argument. The USPS managers may have been “pleased with the results,” yet there is little to change in “relevant handbooks and manuals” to insure that the working environments of tens of thousands of postal workers conform to OSHA requirements pertaining to safety, sanitation, and security.