APWU Opposes USPS Proposal to Slow Down Standard Mail

APWU Web News Article #034-14, Feb. 21, 2014

apwulogoIn a filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission on Feb. 20, the APWU strenuously opposed a USPS proposal to reduce service standards for Standard Mail. The USPS has asked the Commission for an advisory opinion on the proposal, which the USPS claims would alleviate a problem with heavy workloads on Monday by permitting delivery on Tuesday of Standard Mail that now is due to be delivered on Monday.

In its Brief to the PRC, APWU points out that this is another in a series of USPS cuts in service that cannot be justified by cost savings. The changes will cut service and force mailers to incur more costs, a pattern that has repeated itself as USPS has closed mail processing facilities. The APWU also pointed out that USPS has made no effort to justify the proposed service cuts by proving that USPS will save money.

The Postal Service has argued that the so-called “load levelling” effect of the proposed changes would make it possible for letter carriers to finish their routes earlier than they now do on Mondays. The AWPU has been critical of the USPS for causing letter carriers to be out late, often making deliveries after dark, because of previous facility closures and service cuts by USPS. Large mailers and mailer organizations also have been critical of the proposed service reductions.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein said, “It is ironic that the Postal Service is trying to justify more service cuts by referring to the problem of late carrier deliveries — a problem USPS caused by previous service cuts. There is no justification for these proposed cuts. The Postal Service cannot cut its way to financial health. It must expand and enhance service, not cut it.”

  • Ryan Kuwahara

    U pay 8 cents or less to send your junk “catalog” you can wait till Tuesday to get it. 10 hours on Mondays & no mail on tuesdays . poor system

    • JB

      Most people don’t want ANY of the junk mail, and we don’t want to wait till 7:00 PM to get our important First Class mail when it used to be delivered at 11:00 AM. We’d gladly pay more for First Class postage to support the USPS so they don’t have to obey the dictates of the junk mail businesses and depend on their low-rate revenues.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Load leveling needs to be done at Headquarters!!

  • Letter Carrier

    Make APWU members go out and help us carriers deliver mail in the dark until 9 p.m. These are the same bums that say “Preserve your jobs, work slower, screw the carriers”.

    • Another Letter Carrier

      Don’t knock the APWU for service cuts that management has forced down everyones throats. Being forced out carrying mail that late is BS, for sure. Coupled with managements decision over the last 6 years to keep Article 12 withholding in place everywhere (ie no hiring or movement) have resulted in 30% short staffing on carrier side of business. This means later start times AND longer hours.
      -Management needs to hire carriers-bottom line. We, the NALC members, need to stand together with our fellow union members!

      • Nalc

        We are finding out that cca’s are quitting due to heavy workloads in bad weather, and no days off. Who wants to do this for $15 an hour and no benefits?

  • Surprise!

    I really think this is a trick to give Donaho more leverage to end Saturday delivery. This way the Postal Service may claim that there will be no change to service standards if we eliminate Saturday delivery.

    If the Postal Service really wants to level the load it will fight so that mail can be delivered Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Standard mail is only practical if it eliminates or reduces under time.

    If the standard mail causes over time it is loosing money for the Postal Service.

  • Uncle Ben

    USPS used to have delivery standards for different classes of mail–but management started mixing standard mail with first class mail and stopped treating international registered mail separately with domestic registered mail which goes under locked registered mail bags and in registry mail cages.

    Then USPS started mixing media mail and parcel post with delivery confirmation with first class and priority mail.

    People pay different rates for different classes of mail and expect promised delivery standards–but these standards for some years have been honored in the breach.

    PMG Donoho is committed to moving American citizen right to mail to his “stakeholders” like UPS and Pitney Bowes and Staples.

    He has successfully revived the Circuit City’s management philosophy of dissing loyal long-term employees in favor of temp workers–and he will do to USPS what befell Circuit City.