• lisa

    I don’t know what the big fuss is all about those packages are thrown around more than that in transit before it gets to your carrier!

    • rula

      well said!

  • Retired Mailman

    It stayed on the porch. Job well done.

  • rula

    That looks like those “other” parcel delivery com. I received a package from “a guy in a van”..I was outside and said “who are you?” he said he was from a parcel delivery co.

  • mailbox

    Postal worker? Don’t see any sign of a uniform, nor do I see a LLV. Don’t see any marking that would indicate that the subaru is a rural carriers vehicle.

  • jillybean

    And earlier that day …The package was tossed into a hamper with 50other packages and a 70 pound package or two were tossed onto of it…. Give me a break.

  • carrier

    Prove it was a postal carrier! No sign on car, carriers sit on the right side and this guy was on the left! Show me the USPS label on the box! This is fraud!

  • OlderGuy

    What does “Fragile” mean? Is that Spanish?