Video: USPS sorting equipment cuts W2 forms in half

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City Postal Service is apologizing to the city and several hundred city employees after they received only half of their W2 forms.

The city mailed out about 3,800 W2 forms this week, but once they arrived at the postal sorting facility on Cleveland Avenue, some of the employees found their forms had been cut in two.

Postal Service Spokesperson Richard Watkins said a piece of mail got stuck in a sorting machine and the forms behind it got cut in half.

Read more: Several hundred KCMO city employees find W2 forms cut in half.

  • vicar1

    Running sorting machine at it’s highest speed causes this problem continually. Management greed.

  • Punky

    For the low brow uneducated it is always “management’s” fault

    • DisGruntled

      At the PO the buck never stops.

  • pace1144

    Why is this news, it happens everyday

  • jim

    charge them half price

  • Kurt Heubusch

    those flimsy pieces of paper have been a problem ever since I began automation.i would pull them out , thinking that this would happen. like a lot of other mail, especially when the count of pieces is high, they automatically go to automation no matter what the mail is made of. the customer needs to be informed better of what will and will not run on the sorters. big part of problem is pieces are tested for running ability under the best conditions, sort of like how gas mileage is tested on new cars. a lot of the reality isn`t office needs to inform customers, and they need to listen.

    • Dann

      Reality is not included in most of what the Post Office does.