Labor woes continue for UPS

ups_logoUPS continues to have labor problems- yesterday Teamsters in Western Pennsylvania rejected their local contract supplement by 3-1, according to Teamsters for a Democratic Union:

January 24, 2014: In votes counted today, Western Pennsylvania UPS Teamsters have again overwhelmingly rejected their contract supplement by a 3-1 margin. Ken Hall and the IBT tried to bully the members by saying they will never bargain anything better, but determined rank and file Teamsters are sticking together in solidarity.

The local-by-local count is available here.

Members are angry over reduced health care benefits through TeamCare, and to inadequate changes in the Western Pa Supplement.

Western Pa joins Philadelphia and Ohio in notching a second rejection of a supplement rider. Also still outstanding are other rejected riders in Indiana Local 135 and the big Louisville Air Rider. Illinois Local 710 and 705 separate contracts are also unratified. Local 705 bargainaing has barely started.

Read more: Western Pennsylvania UPSers Say No!

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    good 4 them stand up to the teabaggers