Postal Service Delays New Wave of Mail Processing Closures

The U.S. Postal Service has postponed its scheduled second round of mail processing center closures, the agency announced Friday, marking a temporary victory for postal employee unions.

Phase two of USPS’ “network rationalization” plan was scheduled to kick in Feb. 7 and would have ended overnight delivery for mail sent and received in the same area. This would have resulted in a major consolidation of processing facilities.

The first phase of the plan was scheduled to close about 140 processing centers and the second phase would have closed an additional 90, according to agency estimates. The Postal Service maintained 487 processing centers nationwide before the consolidations began in 2012.

A USPS spokeswoman declined to comment on the reason for the postponement, but said the agency plans to reschedule phase two at some point in the future.

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  • blhnc

    Can’t imagine how bad it would get if they close any more processing plants. Mail gets to carriers late and trucks making second trips making carriers having to make second trips. This has also cause carriers having to deliver mail late at night. This makes poor customer service. Customers never know when they will get their mail and I am sure they don’t want it late in the evening. Need to reopen some not close any more.

  • Magoo

    Ignorant know-it-all’s in L’Enfant Plaza who havent got a clue are sabotaging the postal service to the detriment of every person in this country,

  • Rdimer

    Back door deal made amongst pols, bye bye postal service..

  • Both NSDAYS

    Our L&DC plant in NH volume is up 30% since summer time. We cannot process all the mail now, been work 60 hours plus as MH. So better not close any more plants.

  • Iamright

    Ever since they closed the Rockford, Illinois plant, the mail has been heavy one day, no mail the next. I personally stopped using the mail service because it has become unreliable.

  • MrPolarBear

    I wonder if it had anything to do with the 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill that was passed last week in Congress. In the bill was two provisions that require the Postal Service to continue to deliver mail on Saturdays and to stop closing processing plants. It passed. The bill is good through Sept 2014.

  • Nixie

    I say shutter down, gitter done, let’s all go home and have some fun!

    • Jessica Frazier

      Unless its ur job there shutten down. U can go on home and have fun, I’ll stay and keep my job!

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Network Rationalization!!! That’s a friggin hoot!!Should be called the”Postal Destruction Plan”!!Has saved little money and has increased transportation costs,as well as delayed mail,and carrier street time.Plus Billions paid out in Overtime hours.Another USPS let’s just do it and see what happens plan!!

  • joe

    this is just a master plan to to have the usps fail and turn public opinion against the employee and unions – opening the door for contracting everything out. USPS IS DOOMED!

  • USPS failed long ago

    after working for the USPS for more than 15 years
    i can say without doubt the the union and the inability to fire employees (and i have seen 100s that should be terminated)