Iowa PMR charged with theft of postal funds

The Quad City Times reports that Natasha Kozemczak of Bellevue, Iowa has been charged with stealing about $2,000 from the post office in Andrew, Iowa, where, according to USPS records, she had been a relief postmaster since 2012.

The case is being prosecuted by the local county attorney, who, according to the paper, “said the federal government did not want to take charge of prosecution because of the small amount that was reported stolen.”

Bellevue woman charged with stealing from postal service.

  • Toejam

    No, it’s because he is management. The “good ole’ boy syndrome” protects him.

    • INFO WAR

      Just to let you know,a PMR is not management. He or she is someone they hire off the street with little or no training or backround. They have not taken any tests like the career employee and so, are cheap fodder for the USPS. They are soooooo far from any Good Ole Boy club, you’d probably have an easier time joining the they would.

      • Kat6

        PMRs are management. They make far less than anybody they might manage but they are nonetheless management. Ask to see a PMR’s ID badge and you’ll see the management bar beside their picture. They are considered management because when they are doing what they were truly meant to do, relieve a Postmaster, they are doing the job of the Postmaster.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Their’s gonna be alot more PMR’s after Sep 30th when the PostPlan really kicks in.Look for more of this kind of thing to happen in the near future.Most PMR’s only make $10-$12 an hour.This is the future of the USPS.Get rid of career employees and replace them with lower paid,no experience necessary thieves.

  • Roger

    I’m a Postmaster and I manage a remote PO with PMR’s. The problem is worse than most realize. It’s hard to find anyone who will do a split shift for two hours of work. In addition, all the money orders and stock are assigned to myself and the PMR’s. Someone could take a couple of blocks of money orders and steal $200,000. Yes, it could be me or the PMR’s. The Postal Service is a sinking ship.