Video: Mayor Hopes To End ‘Ice Cream Truck’ Post Office

Yemassee, S.C. –

Mayor Jerry Cook is promising the Town of Yemassee that plans for a new post office facility will get rolling in a matter of weeks.

The town now resorts to getting their mail from what some compare to an ice cream truck, ever since their old building was lost to mold more than a year ago.

The truck is parked outside of Yemassee Town Hall, where lines form rain or shine.

"It’s inconvenient. You know, you have to stand out here when it’s raining," Leola Robinson says.

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  • MAN UP!!

    bunch of babies!! carriers are out in the rain,cold, snow, wind, and heat every day for at least 7 hours per day 5 days a week walking an average of 10 miles per day!!!

    • Retired supervisor

      How many places do you conduct business where you have to stand outside like they are making customers do. No postal building for a year? Shame on the USPS.

    • Eamon Doherty

      Carriers also get paid to do that. Making customers wait in the rain is just bad business