Caught on camera: Mailman tosses package on porch in NW Houston

HOUSTON — A mailman’s careless delivery to a northwest Houston home was caught on camera Saturday.

In the video, the postal worker can be seen rolling up in the driveway, walks a few steps and then tosses the box towards the porch. This is on De Lange Lane near Antoine Drive.

The homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified, said he was surprised when he watched the video.

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  • Steve

    whoopie!! This is NEWS?? what do you think happens to the packages while they are being processed? (and NO I do not work for a delivery service).

    • dauchund

      to teflonpalin You took the words out of my mouth bet he is a narc also….

  • WILBUR517

    showing that video to the Supv. is like sending food back to the kitchen at a restaurant .

  • me

    You wait til USPS sees this. Not only will he be in trouble for throwing the package, but now has to back up onto the street. A BIG NO NO.

  • runner

    Hurry Hurry Hurry that’s what the bosses want! great job guy.

  • Retired Postal

    The reason that carrier throw the parcel is because he thinks the organization owes him a job. The bosses want the carrier to do his route in the 8 hours that it was evaluated at during inspection. He’s the type of carrier that during an inspection; when the Mail volume is the highest; they walk like a snail, take no shortcuts, and do everything by the book to make a 6 hour route an 8 hour one. During normal volume when they should be back in 6 hours they extend that into OT. USPS needs the GPS that UPS has and to get rid of the dead weight. There are more great carriers out there, that care about the business and their customers. Don’t let this guy tarnish there good name.

    • TeflonPalin

      You, sir, are a fool, and obviously retired. Letter carriers now carry cell phones with GPS. Just the first clue that you have no idea what you are talking about. Next: routes are adjusted to 8 hours during the lightest days of the year (and in the best weather), so it will naturally take longer “when mail volume is highest”. I have no doubt you are “retired postal” but you smell like management; somebody who couldn’t get his employees to go the extra mile through threats and intimidation and by demanding they don’t go “by the book”.. Your old office is undoubtedly glad you are gone.

    • Knowitall

      It’ THEIR Good Name Genius

      • Hobnknocker


      • backmtjayare

        It’s “IT’S”… Knowitall

    • BigBob

      Hey retired clown,
      Route inspectors order carriers to cut lawns, walk fast, and make every possible shortcut. This leads to more street time (added stops) and way less office time. You’ve been off the grid too long.
      BYW, bet you didn’t tip your mailman this Christmas.

      • freecountry

        Route inspectors can not order you to “walk fast.” You set your own speed but you have to know that in street supervision you have to be walking the same speed. Can’t walk 60 steps a minute on route checks and then 110 when you want too.

  • Melissa

    This is a lazy carrier giving other hardworking carriers a bad name. Most of us value our jobs and take pride in what we do. What a shame.

  • jim

    he was running late for the msp scan

    • Douchebagistan

      If I didn’t scan it I never had it! Wasn’t me, wasn’t there.

  • dudemanbro

    Idiot! Gonna get hammered: Pulled head-first into a driveway, threw a package without knocking/ringing. I bet closer review will show he had no seat belt and if there’s audio, didn’t shut off the vehicle.

    • Geturhedoutyurass

      OH NO!

  • DisGruntled

    Next time I hope he shoves it up that idiots a$$ sideways. What a pu$$y a$$ customer.nothing was broke so he’s complaining?A-holes abound & the Dude abides…

  • Hector Cordon

    Clerks in my office arrange parcel hampers in a rough semi-circle the center of which they THROW parcels into. I don’t believe this is unique to my office. My supervisor just shrugs when I show the delicate parcel crushed by the 25 pounder.

    • John Root

      same happens in my office. maybe we should video it and send it to the news media. See how many people scream and how they are handled.

    • agcret

      Same in my office as I will guess that is the norm in all stations.

  • Michael

    Sender printed the endorsement, “Carrier Leave If No Response”. The carrier followed instruction of the shipper.