Scott Davis Named Acting USPS Controller

From USPS News Link:

CFO Joe Corbett has named Scott G. Davis the new Acting Controller VP. He is replacing Tim O’Reilly, who announced his pending retirement last month.

Davis previously served as SOX Management Control and Integration Manager. He also has worked as San Mateo Accounting Service Center Manager, Assets and Payables Manager, and District Finance Manager.

Davis holds a doctorate and master’s degree in business administration and is a certified public accountant. He is an Advanced Leadership Program graduate, a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and is currently working on a project to obtain his Black Belt certification.

  • Sid

    Is this the same Scott Davis that is the CEO of UPS?

    • Mr. Obvious

      One in the same.

  • Tony

    Who cares who is named to any position as long as Elmer Fudd is still in charge! Just another $4000 a week salary that we cannot afford!

  • Rich 08830

    The Postal Service spent $3.5 Billion in overtime this year. I personally worked 250 hours in overtime making an additional $10,000. For this same $10,000 they could have used new hires who make $15 per hour and gotten a total 650 hours of mail delivery vs. paying someone senior making $40/hr and getting less productivity with 250 hours.

  • BigBob

    Nice mustache AND he’s a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt