Prosecutor: Photo catches postmaster using stolen gift card

IDAHO CITY, Idaho (KBOI) – Prosecutors say the postmaster of Idaho City stole a $5 Target gift card enclosed in a greeting card that had been mailed from the city. Investigators say it was part of a “test mailing” after two complaints of mail that went missing last year.

Postmaster Teresa Belau appeared in court for her preliminary hearing Monday.

Boise County prosecutors entered a grainy surveillance photo into evidence. It was taken as the person was leaving the Target in Boise. Greg Johnson with the USPS Office of Inspector General testified that using the serial number on the gift card, Target was able to trace the transaction to its Boise location and find the surveillance image that corresponded to the person who redeemed the card.

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  • Janet Suitter

    First of all a Postmaster must make around 100k a year by now, this is so petty stealing from someones mail..jsut like the mail carreir i had a round with, i put 5.00 in the orange envelope as i normally did, and she would mail my mail, this one day i had important mail mailing, attorney for one was to recvieve and envleope i put the money in for postage, and it never got delivered,the next week i get mail back saying insufficient funds and was one that i ahd paid to mail, got the other 3 back as well, but no 5.00 that i had put in the USPS orange carrier envelope they provide for this reason,,sounds like SOME carriers getting greedy and I use to be a carrier, I know they are WELL PAID..should NOT be stealing others mail,,this makes me sick…

    • common sense

      Check your facts- you’re wrong about the postmaster’s salary- this woman made $60K a year. Many small town postmasters make considerably less than clerks and carriers.

      Obviously this woman was stupid, but plenty of clerks, carriers, janitors, etc., do the same stupid thing. Sorry you didn’t like your postmaster- but don’t assume that makes all postmasters bad.

      • TruthBeTold

        I make more than some small town Postmasters and I am just a clerk!

      • Janet Suitter

        Oh i know,,not all postmasters are the same, i was speaking of one in particular, not all, and the salary , I see , some dont make the same as all,,And as far as putting the stamps on the mail,,,I always did this for my customers , i would seperate the outgoing that needed attention from all other outgoing mail and do as needed,,,this is a good carrier, as this was my in which i miss very much,,

    • Toejam

      Janet, not all carriers will put the stamps on the mail for a customer. Some will bring back the mail AND the postage money, and turn it in. In the process of daily activities, they get separated. You, as a carrier will know that when that happens, you will get the mail back postage due, and the money goes into the general fund. Not nice, but it DOES happen. Not making excuses for your particular carrier, but I have seen it happen.

  • Janet Suitter

    Another thing i would like to say about Postal is the Postmaster i had was an UNFIT Postmaster,,lied thru her teeth,,I got injured on the job, and suffer from it today, and her ignorance got me no where,,,She lied along with, I wont mention names here, but their little clik of people to help Postal injuries go unjsut ,,is ignorance on there parts, and karma will get them for their ignorant actions,,not to mention, when my hearing was set forth, who was the arbitration judge,,,hmmmm,,,none other then an employee of the workers compensation team, another unjust selfish act,,karma will get all that took part….workers compensation is who we were fighting against jsut dont make sense,,,now the Postmaster i had sits back with a healthy pension,,,i sit back with an injury that makes it difficult to go get another job,,

  • TruthBeTold

    Wow $5000 in fines and up to 14Yrs in jail for $5.00, you deserve it too!!! I work at the post office and this is a disgrace but not unusual. Now all they need to do is catch the individuals opening the packages containing prescriptions!!!!

  • Emily T

    Dude, J. Eric Ghiz the ex-postmaster from White Sulphur Springs stole 7000.00…..he was fired but his aunt repaid the money and they did not file charges AND he gets a pension and now tests paternity samples at a Charleston WV Labcorp at Patrick Street Plaza

    • Emily T

      it was in WV