Compromise spending bill preserves Saturday mail delivery, rural post offices

dome-night2The New York Times reports that the compromise spending bill introduced in the House last night requires the USPS to continue Saturday mail delivery:

The bill also explicitly prohibits the Postal Service from cutting Saturday mail delivery or closing rural post offices.

The bill discards Congressman Darrell Issa’s bizarre proposal to eliminate Saturday mail delivery and use the savings to fund an increase in military pensions. Issa has for years claimed that the USPS is desperately insolvent, and in danger of requiring a massive taxpayer bailout. Yet he recently suggested that simply cutting one delivery day would not only make the USPS solvent, but also allow it to help finance pensions for other agencies. As with Issa’s other “reform” proposals, his plan failed to attract any support, even from within his own party.
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    DARRELL ISSA IS DESPERATELY INSOLVENT. TIME to move him out of office. Before he goes.. we need his share of 30 billion dollars for closing AMERICA