Canada Post suspends registered mail service to the US

From Canada Post:

Canada-Post-Recently, the United States Postal Service (USPS) changed the way it handles Registered Mail received from other countries. The items are now processed in the First Class mail stream once they arrive in the U.S. This change has resulted in the following:

  • Registered Mail (USA) items may not be scanned and a signature at delivery may not be obtained.
  • The number of claims for lost or undelivered Registered Mail (USA) has increased significantly.

As a result of these issues, Canada Post is suspending the Registered Mail (USA) service effective January 13, 2014. The suspension does not apply to Registered Mail sent within Canada or to International destinations.

The suspension will remain in place until Canada Post is confident that the service performance of USPS has improved enough to offer the Registered Mail (USA) service to its customers once again.

In the meantime, customers who require proof of delivery and a signature are encouraged to use the Xpresspost – USA service which is also available as a prepaid envelope.

Xpresspost – USA service is ideal for the difficult-to-replace, time-sensitive and/or confidential documents, such as passports or financial papers, which had previously been sent by Registered Mail (USA).


  • nycarrier

    This is sadly true. Registered Mail sent within the US is still kept under the same high security measures that was once afforded to ALL registered mail, But within the last few years, USPS began calling pieces coming in from outside the country ‘international registered’ and they are not, in fact, treated the same way. many are missed by the sorting clerks. When they are caught, we carriers must still sign for them as we must with any accountable pieces, and be cleared for them at the end of the day by either returning the piece or turning in proof of delivery. But often, I find these pieces in my package hamper, not caught and recorded by the clerks. Conscientious carriers like me do what we should, treat them the way they always used to, but unobservant or outright lazy carriers are letting them though and delivering them without getting signatures, or even scanning them. I do not know why USPS did this, and I don’t blame Canada Post one bit.

  • Retired Mailman

    This is a direct result of the mis-management by our illustrious leaders. Downsizing Registry Clerk numbers to streamline the flow of mail has been a disaster. As a former Registry Clerk and LetterCarrier, I have seen that there is no accountability for International Registered Mail. A lot of these small packages don’t even look like Registered mail. As for the last mile of delivery, why should the Letter Carrier bear the brunt of the responsibility to record delivery? Nobody else seems to care about providing the service that was paid for in the originating country. I would bet that USPS management is forcing the world to use Xpressport-USA because it’s more expensive.

    • FL Rural

      We’ve been told in our office they are no longer even accountable, along with domestic certifieds…I no longer sign to transfer these items to my accountability ! There is no tracking these items if they don’t get attempted and delivered. Sad