In wake of Christmas fiasco, UPS could charge more for late holiday orders

ups_logoUPS may have ruined Christmas for many of its customers by failing to deliver Christmas presents on time, but analysts expect the company to make adjustments in its operations to avoid a recurrence. While some of the changes will involve better planning and operational adjustments, the company may also decide to charge more for shipping last minute Christmas orders. That’s the view of Benjamin Hartford, an analyst with Baird Equity Research, as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Hartford also expects UPS to…  look at changing the way it prices shipping during peak periods in a way that could cost procrastinating shoppers more.

The goal, Hartford said, would be to smooth out orders in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas….

The way to do that is to charge more for late orders during peak periods like the holidays, to incentivize customers to place their orders earlier.

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  • Bocco

    People, especially Americans, are great procrasinators, even with the ease of on-line shopping we often wait until the last minute. If UPS fails again next Christmas even after charging higher prices for last minute orders,how do they plan on pulling thier image out of the toilet?

    • JoAnne Davis

      Hey I’ve got an idea. How about don’t procrastinate? Or, if you do procrastinate, don’t expect your crap to arrive on time! Pretty simple concept!

  • ScottBColorado

    UPS should deliver on the Sunday before Christmas and, if needed, deliver on Christmas Day. UPS’s squishy reason “we wanted to give our employees off on Christmas” was more like “we don’t want to pay overtime – customers can wait until the day after Christmas.”