USPS leads list of disappearing jobs

Several categories of postal jobs lead the list of occupations with the worst future outlook, according to a Labor Department report, continuing the trend of middle class jobs being replaced by poverty-level positions like “personal-care aides”:

Elder care and other low-wage jobs will be among the fastest growing career fields over the next decade. Postal carriers and journalists might have a harder time finding work.

Personal-care aide will be the fastest growing job from 2012 to 2022, among categories with more than 25,000 positions, the Labor Department said in a new report. The field will grow by nearly 50% to 1.8 million jobs. Workers in the field earned an average annual income of $19,910.


Read more: Which Fields Hold Jobs of the Future? Low-Paying Ones, Mostly – At Work – WSJ.

  • DaPhantomMailman

    Together we stand, divided we fall! ……..Pink Floyd.

  • Rich 08830

    The Postal Service spent $3.5 Billion in overtime this year. I personally worked 250 hours in overtime making an additional $10,000. For this same $10,000 they could have used new hires who make $15 per hour and gotten a total 650 hours of mail delivery vs. paying someone senior making $40/hr and getting less productivity with 250 hours.

    • freecountry

      Only 250 hours? Are you part time? I made over $85k because of the ignorance of the postal management, all levels. They refuse to hire help hoping Congress will eliminate Saturday delivery and the excess carriers would be used to fill the shortage. And the continuing closing of processing plants to force clerks and mail handlers to transfer to the carrier craft. So in the meantime the cash cow still keeps coming home! Thanks Mr. Donahoe!!

    • chuck

      take your name off the ot lists and then they will be forced to hire people. Stop acting like you didn’t want the ot!

  • Eddy148

    I retired from the USPS and have worked part time in a couple different jobs in the private sector. From my observation as long as it is a government operation they will never make money. The only function of the USPS is the delivery of mail at each local post office and acceptance of mail. The processing centers, BMC’s, air mail facilities should all be sold off to a private company.

    • Nix

      The Postal Service is not required to make a profit!

    • John Griffing

      USPS is profitable and would have been during the entire Great Recession if not for that BS prefunding requirement. Where have you been – on the moon?

    • Ben Franklin

      “The only function of the USPS is the delivery of mail at each local post office and acceptance of mail.”

      Oh? Why?

    • MrPolarBear

      Eddy….the Post Office is suppose to be a Non-Profit organization. We are not suppose to make a profit. I doubt you worked at the Post Office. If you did, you would know that every country….EVERY Country that has privatized their Postal Service has increased the cost of using their service. Just look at Canada. They were penny to penny the same cost as the USA until they went private in the early 70’s. Now it cost a dollar to mail a ONE ounce letter in Canada. We do a TWO ounce letter for 46 cents. Also within 5 years, there will be no more curb side deliveries in Canada. They passed a law this year forcing everyone in Canada to get their mail from Cluster boxes many of which will be located in grocery stores.

  • Sadden in Hickory Area…

    The USPS, closed the Hickory P and D a year ago..The USPS purchased the building for around 1 million?? in 1991 from a Hickory businessman. THE HICKORY HUB could have stayed as the.ONE HUB…it could have held, all carriers from Maiden, Newton , Conover, Granite Falls, Hickory and more..HICKORY P AND D was the number one facility in the nation for input/output mail for almost 10 years. ..Then a year ago they locked it up and tried to sell it for 1.5 miillion, then 1.3 million. Then it finallly sold recently for a wopping $280,000.?? Now, the Hickory area has FOUR SMALL HUBS (Statesville, Newton, Taylorsville, North Wilkesboro) since late 2012. The USPS is now trying to squeazze surrounding carriers into these small HUBS. From what I understand, the storage capacity for these SMALLer office docks has REACHED its peak.. THE Hickory P and D was the first to close and to follow…. other NC- P and D closings. Well, no other closings happened and the mail is processed in Greensboro and the carriers are out on the streets until 6 to seven PM..OVERTIME for clerks, carriers and mail handlers has doubled. Some postmaster are carrying City Route mail..What sense did all this make?? WE ALL tried to tell them that it was a big mistake…I know this is going on in all cities across America.

    • Sadden in Hickory

      It also could of held all BULK MAIL UNITS, the Former Hickory P and D had 22 dock doors. CATAWBA county has many Magazine Binding Companies that process 9 million or more in revenue per year..

      • John Griffing

        The companies that do the binding of our magazines and catalogs need to cut down on the packaging. Seriously, TWO plastic straps that form a “+” AND plastic wrap? Are they afraid that they are going to come loose? Talk about “Belt and Suspenders”!! A HUGE waste of packaging materials and time for carriers at the case in the morning who have to unwrap and throw all that $#** away. And to top it all off, over 90% of the straps are fastened on the wrong side [not the address side of the publication], so carriers have to flip them over twice [once to unfasten – for those such as myself who do not use scissors or a knife – and once more to make the addresses visible].

  • Justinreal

    Predictions brought to you by the flying bubble cars and colonies on the moon people!!

  • Eddy148

    The salaries plus benefits are way to hire for managers and craft workers. Working in the Postal Service does not take any special training, with the exception of the people who keep the machines running.

    • Ben Franklin

      No kidding- I bet they’d even hire YOU if your English was better- “The salaries plus benefits are way to hire”?

      What’s your first language?

    • MrPolarBear

      Wow…….no special training?? Guess everyone in the world knows what UTF, NOV, UNC, VAC means. I guess they also know how to handle accountable mail, filling out 3849’s. Edit books……..Premium forwards…….. Red tags…….Route inspections……….pick up and delivery of hazardous materials. I guess they also know the regulations on cluster box installations. Not to mention the classification of mail and what gets delivery priority. What do you do with unclaimed mail??? Eddy…… don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s constant training.

  • Eddy148

    Sell off the large processing centers to private enterprise. The profits from the sales should be used to strengthen the delivery offices. They are two different worlds. One is a world of dedication and efficiency and the other just the opposite.

    • common sense

      Why sell mail processing? More importantly, why would anyone want to buy the plants? You do realize they don’t actually collect any revenue don’t you?

      Oh- and just a guess- you were in delivery, so you think that post offices are full of hard working folks, and plants are the home of all that is evil in the world?

      Are you a hobbit or something?