Tech publishers group blasts USPS exigency rate increase

Trade Group will Explore Options to Appeal or Limit this Unjustified Increase in 2014.

siia_logoWashington, DC, January 09, 2014 –(– On December 24, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) voted 2-1 to approve an exigent, or “emergency,” postage rate increase of 4.3 percent, the full amount requested in September by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). This increase is to be applied in addition to the CPI increase of 1.7 percent, totaling a 6 percent increase for periodicals. In response, SIIA President Ken Wasch issued the following statement:

“We remain very disappointed that the PRC has continued to ignore the lack of discipline, efficiency and overall fiscal responsibility of the USPS, and instead chose to place a continued and unjustified rate increase on the B2B industry. While the PRC at least had the good judgment to reject the USPS request to make this a permanent increase, we will begin 2014 assessing the opportunities to appeal or further limit the duration of this harmful increase.”

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is the leading trade associations representing technology, digital content, media and information companies, including those that publish business-to-business industry magazines and newsletters. Our membership is comprised of more than 700 members who publish more than 600 print periodical titles and mails approximately 800 million magazines and newsletters each year, representing approximately 15% of the periodicals class within the US Postal Service. In addition, SIIA members utilize first-class and standard mail extensively and collectively spend an estimated $260 million in postage each year. In November, SIIA submitted comments to the PRC outlining reasons why the exigent increase should not be approved.

  • chuck

    Its alright to raise the price of everything in the world but not postage. I’m sure all these company’s have raised the prices on what they produce and have giving big fat bonus’s to there executives but now they say the postal service

    “lack of discipline, efficiency and overall fiscal responsibility of the USPS” .Let me tell you..that’s the farthest thing from the truth there is! They have micro managed there work force to the point of breaking and although none of us enjoy it ….it is saving our jobs.The problem with these media company’s is they all want a free ride! They want to pay less then what it cost to deliver there product and they don’t give a rats azz how. UPS and Fedex have raised there rates every year more than the post office but they can’t lobby there congressman and senator’s about that, but the postal service…oh boy were going to fight this tooth and nail! If usps can’t charge what it really cost to deliver there junk than so be it…they need to find a new product to sell to someone else and as the postal service is doing…down size to where it doesn’t need them.

    • Postal worker

      Good job by you chuck. PMG Donahoe stated in October that the big mailers get 14-18 BILLION dollars in discounts every year. In June a judge ruled it is unlawful to pay less than the actual cost to deliver. But yet the subsidized discounts continue. I have no sympathy for the greedy mailers. Id like to see one of these cry babies work at the USPS for a week. They’d never make it. Thanks chuck

  • John


    First, the postal service fuel is subsidized by tax-payers. Increases due to fuel prices are simply a lie. Two years back the USPS raised fuel costs due to increases in gas. Once the prices settled back down were they lowered? No. Instead there have been two more increases since.

    The USPS uses FedEx for air freighting of priority and overnight mail, UPS for ground freight. The only freighting the USPS does is intrastate region.

    Additionally the USPS has now begun offering tracking services to China. So a company from China can ship to the USA with tracking. Yet, the opposite is not true. Further Chinese shippers can ship much cheaper as postage there is subsidized.

    The result is and has been unbelievable amounts of counterfeit products flooding the Internet and USA at low prices and eroding the Internet economy for US based businesses.

    The US Postal Service is essentially providing services to a nation that is well known for piracy, counterfeiting of anything and everything and being a catalyst to bring it into US Markets and destroy yet more US based businesses.

    The postal service also suffers from “sweetheart deal” retirements that were made many years ago. They are management heavy as well. While industry has had to renegotiate the sweetheart retirements the USPS just continues on its way. Not only has service declined while costs have risen but now they are essentially finding new ways to support themselves at both the tax payers, businesses and our internet economies expense.

    I ordered something online, it arrived in 5 days from China at a cost of $2.16 and to my amaze had USPS delivery tracking on it. For me to ship the exact same item back would be $12+ and I get no tracking.

    If you the public dont see a problem with that then you are blind.

    The SIIA has more to be concerned about than the periodicals expense. Its the flood of counterfeit merchandise coming in now and since it has tracking points of sale say, “ok”. This will help destroy all forms of industry here, economics here because so much of it is counterfeit.

    I would urge everyone to contact their congressman and the postal service and scream. Our government already allows for a enormous trade imbalance with china and is continually pandering to the country. Now they allow the Postal Service to jump in and let China further erode our economy through the direct shipping with tracking! of counterfeit goods to US Internet Markets.