NALC tells carriers: Don’t put yourself in danger!

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

NALC-LOGODon’t put yourself in danger: On Jan. 3, the Postal Service issued mandatory safety talks to be given to all employees regarding protection from cold temperatures. Click here to find the documents that management was to provide you through these stand up talks. If management has not provided these safety talks, advise your supervisor, shop steward, branch officers or, if necessary, your national business agent. Bottom line: Do not put yourself in danger.

  • Postal worker

    The USPS only gives the talks to covers their behinds from law suits and the like. In the past year carriers have died from heat exhaustion, carriers have died from gunshots. Come back because you fear for your safety without finishing your route and then see how much mgt cares to protect you!!!!! Mgt would call a CCA first and then the ambulance

  • guest

    If one adult needs to tell another adult how to dress in single digit temps, or how much water they need to drink when its hot, we need smarter adults.

  • just saying

    it;s a safety talk…………..IT’S NOT A POLICY

  • ttboy

    one of the coldest days in years on tues., 7 call outs, had carriers working 10 – 11 hrs. Schools closed, trash pickup haulted. thank god i was told to dress warm and b safe, in 0 degrees and dark.

  • guest

    We had our stand up talk after the cold snap. Typical Post Office

  • John Griffing

    Management continues to put us in danger and to NOT allow us to do our jobs safely. Constantly overburdened and rushed!!

  • PGR

    I agree with guest below with regards to the stand up talks about dressing properly for the weather or hydrating yourself to keep from falling out on the street. The big issue in some of these offices has to deal with the promotion process of these middle managers. They strictly promote based on ” the good ole boy network” it doesn’t have anything to do with qualifications any more and people wonder why overtime is up and call outs are up. When you have to go through 3 layers of management above you to set your weekly schedule and make sure your office has coverage everyday, that’s a problem. A manager or postmaster which ever you prefer, basically is powerless but most are not smart enough to realize they are simply pawns……..just the 2 cents from a 25 yr veteran of the carrier craft.