• D

    Why not find out the truth from postal employees that do not have agenda other than providing a service to the American people? The Postal Service has many employees that love the Postal Service but are outraged about the way it is being run. The Postal Service has sacrificed service for the sake of meeting an indicator that has nothing to do with financial accountability or real Service to the American People . You will not find the truth from senior postal managers or Union Leaders. The Postal Service is as dysfunctional as the House and Senate.

    • Jerry

      Well said D..

  • Joemac

    Rolando says 80000 jobs and makes it sound like most of the job loss will go to veterans He’s as big of a liar as the rest of them. They all keep pushing the po down the tubes

    • Retired USPS ET

      You need to go back and LISTEN more closely. He spoke of the elimination of 80,000 jobs that offer a great opportunity to employs veterans, as the USPS is the second largest employer of veterans behind the DOD. Upon several additional queries from Ed, he offers only the amount of “large numbers” of veterans potentially affected.

      As a veteran myself (with 42+ years combined CSR time), having spent many years with the USPS, I now many many, of my fellow employees and new hires were veterans.

      Now for the burning question: what the heck does a fabricated crisis (pre-funding retirement health care costs for employees not yet born) from a department that is NOT EVEN taxpayer funded, have to do with the government’s obligation to our well deserving veterans. Answer: absolutely nothing!

      Issa embodies the worst of self-serving politicos.


      • Retired USPS ET

        PS: Sorry for the above typos… multitasking when I should have been proof reading (oops!)

  • Joemac

    Retired usps. You should go back and READ what i wrote. I said he made it sound like the 80000 jobs would be mostly vets. And the number has been anywhere between 20000 and 80000. Its all bs

  • tired of unions

    Rolando wants to keep his dues coming in even if it shuts down the post office. all bs

  • Nix

    I think Mr. Issa is serving in the best interest of the American people and the Postal Service. I think a lot of people not familiar with economics are just not seeing the big picture! He’s to be commended!

  • Escott

    Issa is a criminal. His only agenda is to see what he can do that benefits himself. The richest man in Washington didn’t get that way because he’s honest. I’ve never voted for a democrat in my life, but I damn sure wouldn’t vote for this guy….wake up people…..you’re being pushed down the road.

    • Nix

      Well, until he’s convicted of a crime in which he could be imprisoned, I’d say he’s not a criminal, like him or not. There are a number of members of congress I don’t agree with, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling them a criminal. That is unless they had been convicted of such in a court of law. That’s how our system works like it or not!

  • Nemso

    Thank you again, Ed Schultz. You are the most consistent defender of the USPS. None of the comments address the fact that we already have $50 b put away for future retirees and 2 overfunded pension funds, CSRS and FERS, with $75 b or more put away for pensions. We are not funded by taxpayer money and our funds are more protected already than any other public/private funds. Congressman Issa (the richest member of Congress) consistently paints a picture of USPS being in the red, which is a big lie!!! His agenda, pure and simple, is privatization.