Video: Man says post office won’t deliver

PORTLAND, Ore. – Keith Saunders hasn’t gotten any mail delivered to his home for two months and is now beyond angry at the U.S. Postal Service.

He says it refuses to deliver to his home.

According to the post office, his mailbox is the problem.

But Saunders doesn’t see it that way.

At first glance, everything looks right. The black mailbox says “U.S. Mail” and is certified.

After 13 years living in the same Southeast Portland home, he says a new mail carrier came along. Saunders says the carrier is a stickler for the rules and has cut him off since November.

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  • DRG

    Unsecured mailbox?

  • J

    First of all, there is a big chunk of brick in that box, and a screw sticking up. If a carrier reaches into this box for delivery in the dark, there could be problems; the mail might not fit due to the brick or a carrier could cut their hand on the screw.
    Moral? Fix the damn box.

  • problemsolve

    do not blame the post office if you don’t follow the rules.

  • TwoSidesEveryStory

    I agree. When you watch the video you can see that the mailbox is just resting on top of a column with a large brick inside. You can also see the screw sticking up on the right hand side of the box. A carrier can not restrict delivery to a customer for an extended period of time without letting his supervisors know the situation and getting their approval for the restriction. Also, the customer acknowledges that he has a problem when he states that his mailbox is “stable enough”. Stable enough by YOUR standards but not by others. And for the news to cover this without getting both sides of the story shows that they are “taking sides” without considering all facts. Another case of bad journalism which seems more and more prevalent nowadays but nobody wants to address.

  • kojithedog

    put the mail in the box and if by chance the box falls to the ground every time he delivers the mail. The customer will secure the box.

  • John Griffing

    The carrier could at least leave a “Your Mailbox Needs Attention” form pointing out what needs to be fixed.

  • Meanie Queen

    Each Business have their rules, if you don’t like the follow the rule! That’s not fair to another people follow the rule, SIR!! They don’t get pay by your tax $$, so this is free services!! Please BE QUIET!!