News media swallows Issa’s magic postal math hook line and sinker

The news media seem to have blindly accepted Darrell Issa’s bizarre suggestion that ending Saturday mail delivery will allow the federal government to restore cuts in military retiree’s COLAs.

As we’ve pointed out more times than I can count, the USPS doesn’t get its money from Congress- it pays for its operations out of its own revenue. So if the USPS spends less, it benefits the USPS budget, not the Treasury. That means any increase in federal spending, for COLAs or anything else, is going to be paid for by taxpayers, regardless of what the USPS does.

Beyond that, Darrell’s press release points out that the USPS has “defaulted” on $16.5 billion in trust fund payments- $17 billion in savings will barely cover that, much less provide billions to finance military pensions or make the USPS solvent.

Yet the news media unquestioningly accepts Issa’s magic math:

Issa claims ending Saturday letter delivery will save $17 billion–more than enough to restore the $6 billion cut to veterans while allowing the USPS to keep the rest.

This from a “reporter” who has written about the USPS in the past, and should have at least a basic understanding of USPS finances. Americans are justifiably disgusted with a Congress that can’t seem to do anything but go on vacation, but they should be equally upset with reporters who simply regurgitate press releases and call it “analysis”.

Read more: Darrell Issa's Mischievous Postal Reform Bill – Businessweek.

  • Retired Postal

    Just goes to show you; you can’t believe everything you read. I’m sure they won’t print correction; why should the public know the truth. That default is a play on numbers; no other company prefunds. Issa should be impeached for misleading the American people.

    • freecountry

      Actually he should be in jail…

  • wny

    32 work days short

    • ron green

      they are also coming after your pension

      • Postal Peter

        PMG Downahole is already going after pensions and health care and had the APWU re-elected his lackey, Cliff Goofy, It could have been given away to USPS mismanagement in their next CBA.

    • Lilly

      And they’re coming for that health care you think you’ll have.

  • Boo Issa

    What are you talking about? He’s not saying the assertion is correct; he’s saying it’s an assertion designed to put other people on the spot. It’s not blind acceptance. Why else would “mischievous” be in the title?

    • postalnews

      I’m talking about the Businsessweek article linked to in the post- what are you talking about?

      The reporter doesn’t question Issa’s bogus math- he doesn’t even mention it.

      Here’s why he calls the bill “mischievous”:

      The new bill is clearly an effort by Issa to put his opponents on the spot. He’s forcing them to make a choice in an election year: Do they want their bills and junk mail delivery on Saturdays so badly that they are willing to shortchange veterans?

      If the reporter has any idea that there’s no connection whatsoever between Saturday mail delivery and military pensions, don’t you think he might have mentioned it?

  • Disgrunted clerk

    Typical Issa!

  • Postman

    Issa is no champion for the veterans,just another attempt by this sleazy thug (check his background) to mislead in his all out assault on the Postal Service and it’s workers for his own personal gain and glee.

    • khaled


  • P nice

    Issa is an idiot

  • jim

    eliminate saturday delivery,there nothing but junk on saturdays. i hope they deliver parcels. you oldtimers got to relize there is facebook twitter instagram etc out there .there is no future with all of these social outlets. the volume will never never come back. i keep hearing the recession has caused mail volume to plumett its bull, the reason there is no demand in 3 day old mail. GET USED TO BOYS AND STEAMLINE THINGS AND PRAY YOU HAVE A JOB

    • Wendy Johnson Knapp

      Not only can you not spell or use correct punctuation, you don’t know jack about the postal service….Is your last name Issa????

    • Mike

      Open your eyes. Eliminating Saturdays is just one step further towards privatizing. Royal Mail just privatized. If you want a future I’d lean more toward getting rid of the $5.5 billion dollar mandate. The Post Office would have made a $600 million dollar profit last year if it did not have that burden. You got a lot to learn kid.

    • khaled

      try and go to use usp or fedex and ask them to deliver to u a parcel on Saturday and any kind of mail and see how much they will charge you or picking up them thing from your house. (usps do it for free)

  • MrPolarBear

    Wait a minute. The Post Master General claimed closing on Saturday would save the Post Office 2 Billion dollars a year. ONLY 2 Billion. When he was asked directly how he came up with the 2 billion figure, two see any data on the 2 Billion, The PMG said it was just an estimate. There was no data to back up the estimate. Afterwards, experts claim the saving wouldn’t be anywhere need the 2 billion quote. Now Issa claims closing on saturday will save 17 Billion????? Something isn’t right here.

    • guest

      Issa’s plan claims to save 17 billion over 10 years.

  • jim

    this is for wendy,you might be flipping burgers at wendys soon dah

    • khaled

      it seems that u hate people have a job go and find a job for your self

    • Wendy Johnson Knapp

      Hey Jim, I’m pretty sure you meant duh!!! See what I mean?!