Connecticut town’s only post office closes without any advance notice

salem2Customers often complain that the USPS process for closing post offices is just a formality- once the USPS decides to close a PO, it’s pretty much a done deal, regardless of customer feedback and public meetings. But what if you’re one of the growing number of customers served by a contract station? If you live in Salem CT, the “process” consisted of a sign on the door one morning saying that the office was closed:

Salem – When residents arrived at the town’s only post office to mail packages Thursday morning, they were greeted by a sign on the business’s door announcing that it had been permanently closed.

Salem has no official post office, and residents relied on a Contract Postal Unit operated by the Four Corners Country Deli. But when the deli closed, apparently unexpectedly on Wednesday, so did the postal unit.

The 46 residents with P.O. boxes will have to pick up their mail at the Colchester post office for now, said U.S. Postal Service spokesman Christine Dugas. And all residents will have to go out of town to mail a package or use other postal services.

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  • rula

    the “start” of privatization. “closed” because of weather. Everyone says they “do not need their mail”…but get there late like 5pm (which isnt really late) and the phone is ringing off the hook. I would really like to see a list of people that do not want 6 day or any day delivery.

    • dauchund

      The list would only include congressional members!

  • Disgrunted clerk

    but packages would continue the 6 days. Why not just bring it all?

  • joe stutzman

    this is not on the PO> it’s on the deli. USPS UPS FEDEX cant make a biz stay open if they choose not to both UPS and FEDEX have “village offices by different names.

    • common sense

      It IS on the PO- they tell towns not to worry about their “real” PO closing because they’re going to get a contract station or Village PO that can offer everything they need. People don’t care about the USPS’s technicalities- they just want a post office- and if the USPS decides all they need is a contract PO, then it’s “on the PO” to make sure it doesn’t disappear overnight. Worst case scenario, they should be required to move a mobile post office in immediately.

      People don’t write their congressman when the general store that just happened to handle UPS packages shuts down- they DO when their PO closes.