RCMP warns about community mailbox robberies

Metro Vancouver residents are urged to pick up mail as soon as possible following a rash of thefts across the region.

Cpl. Bert Paquet said there’s always a spike in mail thefts during the holidays, when Canada Post delivers more than a million packages per day.

“Thieves know this is a lot of money. Gifts are exchanged through mail and they take that opportunity to target those specific crimes,” Paquet said.

Mounties are warning the public about a surging number of thefts from community mailboxes.

Community mailboxes, which are set to become more common as Canada Post cuts door-to-door delivery services, are a particular draw. There were almost 5,000 incidents involving community mailboxes this year alone in B.C., making the province the mail theft capital of Canada.

Critics blame the boxes’ design, arguing they’re too easily pried open with a simple crowbar, though Canada Post has provided sturdier boxes in some communities.

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