Senate Panel Postpones Consideration of Postal Bill

A Senate committee has postponed consideration of a controversial postal bill that was condemned by postal unions. Members of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs were scheduled to meet on Dec. 18 to act on S. 1486, which was introduced by Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) in August.

“We’re pleased that Sen. Carper has postponed a committee vote on the bill,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “But our fight is not over.”

The presidents and legislative officers of the four postal unions met with Sen. Carper and his staff on Dec. 17. “We had a frank and productive discussion,” Dimondstein said.

“We need legislation that will end the manufactured financial crisis and protect the USPS as a public postal service. The four postal unions are committed to working together to accomplish those goals,” he said.


  • Tired of unions

    Union doesn’t care what happens to postal future , they just don’t want to lose the dues

    • freeloaders

      But you still take the paycheck thou don’t you.

      • skipper

        The paycheck that he works for?

  • zak

    Delay, delay, that’s all they do… just do something already

  • mike

    They are just afraid to go against unions. The PMG needs to shut down operations for a day or two in 2014 to get things moving. Until then its full speed ahead into the iceberg.

    • James Martin

      Go against the Unions? ROFL …….please explain how the toothless union is hindering the post office? Almost everything is sent to binding arbitration.

  • Tired of unions

    I will get a paycheck with or without the union because I work for a living (freeloaders is a perfect name for u)

    • freeloaders

      You work for living? Problem is it is your lower and upper lip. But I’m sure you think you’d make as much without the union. You are more than welcome to quit but you aren’t man enough. Just want to sit back, take your free money, and complain. All mouth

      • skipper

        Free money?

  • Boozoka Joe

    we still need several more years of hearings, fact finding, and testimony before we get a “postal reform” bill. Looks like the year 2020 at the earliest.

  • OTH Guy

    I can’t take this anymore. These guys are incapable of doing anything. Inaction is always the safest political decision to make. Make a decsion you gutless pols.

  • freecountry

    Hey Postal News!!! Why don’t I have the “Right” to post here????

  • Repubs suck

    Unless this bill mimics Issa’s Screw the Post Office bill in the House, Issa will block it from being voted on in the House.