Video: Sen. Tammy Baldwin talks postal reform at Quad/Graphics

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Stamp prices are about to spike again, and while it’s a pain for the average person — it could be an even bigger problem for Wisconsin employers.

That’s why Sen. Tammy Baldwin is trying to rally support for a big change to the postal reform bill.

On Wednesday, December 4th, she met with leaders at Quad/Graphics — one of the biggest printers in the state.

They say if postage prices continue to climb, it’ll be the start of a chain reaction.

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  • adavids

    5 day is the way

  • guest

    Yep the headline says it all “Senator talks”; the congress talks but doesn’t walk- they are the men and women responsible for destroying the post office. Did they not all swear an oath to uphold the US Constitutution? Well right in there it tells them to maintain a PO not destroy it. Stop talking and start walking. Shame on you.

  • Carrier

    Yeah, Senator it would be terrible if we could set our own rates, you know like Quad Graphics does.
    I guess we should just keep subsidizing the big mailers, UPS and Fedex too, right Senator ?
    They can make all the profits while we deal with oppressive management tactics and decreasing salaries.