NALC statement on the shooting death of letter carrier Tyson Barnette


Tyson Barnette, 26, was shot and killed on Saturday evening while delivering the mail on his regular route in Cheverly, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the letter carrier and his family during this very difficult time. We are all deeply saddened," NALC President Fredric V. Rolando said. "The nation’s letter carriers deliver the mail in every community throughout the country. This tragic incident highlights the need in all operational decisions about how and when mail is delivered to give priority consideration to the safety of these dedicated public servants." The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the killing.

Read more: NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.

  • Me

    How about lets put a STOP to delivering in the dark…..PERIOD!!!

    • nancyrose

      So…some people just won’t get their mail?

      • Audrey

        I am the mother of a postal letter carrier in Hammond In..I am very fearful of the situation (night delivery) if there is something I can do..please tell me..what is the worse state as to number of postal workers that lost their lives in the last 5 years in the line of duty..I want to write a letter to President Rolando, this is unacceptable..we are not at war in the United States..there should not be any postal workers dying in the line of duty..due to their working conditions.Maybe if they heard from all the mothers of postal workers they would think twice about the unsafe working conditions..President Kennedy would never allow this and neither will I without doing something to help.

  • frank a

    When I worked at the PO, ALL carriers had to be back before dark, or the district office had to be notified that day as to the reason they would not be back.

    • nalc210mem

      When I started in the nineties, if we weren’t back in the office by 5pm, the supervisor was in deep s***. Now delivering in the dark is routine. The day after Veteran’s Day, we had several carriers after nine, and one out after ten. The service would rather pay the V-time than get us help.

  • mark saicheck

    I realize they carry in the dark in Alaska but they have no choice. even though they preach safety all the time they rarely practice it and only care when something bad happens this carrier and his family are in our prayers.

    • Grammar police


  • Eli

    How about bringing them in earlier to carry mail like before, I used to get my mail by 1p, now sometimes it’s after 530p. Mail is not like ups or fedex where they only stop at one house and go, mail is door to door.

    • Tracie Lin Hamilton

      please call the USPS 1-800 number and/or your congressman to voice this opinion. Carriers need the public to help the USPS see what a bad idea this is!!

    • dean

      thats because your route probably got changed and now instead of being in the middle of the route you are at the end of it

      • Eli

        My house was and still is the last stop.

  • Aharville

    This is so heartbreaking. I am a clerk for USPS and because of closing plants it has caused late mail distribution all over US. We have been saying its gonna take this before they have a cut off time. Nothing is worth this, no mail or package.

  • Scott

    This is Bullshit! So grief stricten for Tyson and his family! How many more carriers have to be robbed beaten or killed before management pulls their heads out of their butts!:(

  • Joseph Vega

    This has gotten to be a no question that dark is not safe and late I remember some carriers coming back to the station and it was locked all the people had left no head count and we had to be in by the 5 oclock window we came in at 0630 now they have so many ways to track you and they wont go out at dark to check on their carriers lets stop the crap of keeping carriers out late and bring them in 0630 and then they will be back before dark and use the ODLS for the overtime most know the routes if you would quit changing them every three months and you have never carried the route and give them time to get used to the new route

    • Grammar police

      Hey! Learn how to use a period. For God’s sakes. Did you make it past the second grade?

  • awaiting the end

    Don’t worry! Nalc will be a insurance company. Insurance for all! Stop delivering for weather, dogs, unsafe people, places. Never!. Usps will say, should have known better.

  • FE523

    The carrier has the right to determine if delivery in a certain situation is safe. I would never deliver my route in the dark. EVER! If you tell the supervisor you will bring the mail back when it gets dark see how fast you get help. This should not have happened. The harassment must stop.

    • nalc210mem

      In Rochester, at least every Monday and every Friday and sometimes more, this time of year we deliver in the dark. We don’t get help, because everybody’s out there, OT list or not. They issued us cap lights so we can see (sort of). They hire new CCAs, and they usually either don’t make it or they quit.

      • FE523

        the only carriers in my office that deliver in the dark are the ones who want to. they want the ot. that’s where the help comes from.

    • THam

      Some end tours are not until after dark due to late start times. Management makes delivering in the dark unavoidable. So never would cost you your job. I know I am living it.

      • FE523

        if you don’t know your rights you don’t have any. management will never tell you your rights. some parts of the country have a weak union that offers no help. the only carriers in my office that deliver in the dark are the ones who want to. they want the ot. that’s where the help comes from.

  • Don

    Postal management has eliminated and combined routes and made them so big that the average person can not walk the route in a timely fashion. This forces the carriers to perform duties in unsafe conditions all across the country.
    My prayers go out to the family of my brother carrier!

  • Darkhorse57

    Awaiting the End, WTF are you talking about?

  • Manuel Correa

    We are speaking upon deaf ears management does not care about anything but their numbers.

  • pissed of letter cariier

    freedom of speech union fault on this too, union allowed the long routes to happen to keep the members money pissed og letter carrier

  • Duane Texas Letter Carrier

    This is heartbreaking and it was only a matter of time. Management practices at this time make working after dark unavoidable. In Ft worth Texas we all are working after dark, OTDL or not. Carriers are being assaulted after dark throughout the country right now. 8 in the last month in Chicago alone. We have cut so many processing employees that mail is not in the stations early enough to allow us to work as early as we used to. As long as this company continues to operate as if it doesn’t have sufficient business (Check last qtr profit report, we are better than the people are being told) these things are only going to get worse. But congress has the right answer, stop working on Saturday. Okay, then we work till 10 or later monday thru friday. Letter Carriers are the backbone of this company. We are also the most harassed and expendable. I pray that sometime sooner than later, things change before someone else gets hurt. I am fortunate to have a nice area with good people who turn their lights on for me. Most do not have that luxury. Prayers to the young mans family. This used to be the most sought after job in America. Now………..

  • Ready2go

    Ok. It’s been over 24 hours since it happened. Why have I not seen an official statement from USPS? Also, why does it seem like the union has stopped protecting us from all this?

    • Ben Dover

      And you wont either..they are scrambling to cover it up and sweep it under the rug so people forget.

  • Former letter carrier

    Sad, I read all the comments and everyone blames the dark. No one blames the shooter!

    • common sense

      Sad, I read your comment and it makes no sense. I haven’t seen a single comment that “blames the dark”. I see a lot of comments that blame management for requiring carriers to work in dangerous situations.

      It’s a shame you have so little respect for a fellow employee who was senselessly murdered.

      • me

        I think they do..

  • Yo yo

    I very recently quit my job a ran rca in ga. Poor training, thrown on routes cold, out till 7 or later. No way. Rip Tyson. What a damn shame.

  • nancyrose

    The dark didn’t shoot the mail carrier. The shooter did.

  • u cant C me

    Management only cares about their #’s. we are all just #’s aexpenda

  • Nemso

    It’s a shame it took a death for the union to speak out against working in the dark.

    • common sense

      It’s a shame you’re so clueless and ignore all the times the NALC has grieved this issue, only to be shot down by arbitrators. What’s your suggestion? The union shouldn’t do anything? Brilliant!

      • Nemso

        Perhaps you don’t deliver in a right to work state like I do and your union is more proactive. I don’t know of any grievances on working after dark where I deliver!

        • common sense

          Why haven’t YOU filed one? Whether you’re in a right to work state or not doesn’t affect your right to file a grievance. But since you bring it up, what have YOU done to repeal “right to work” in YOUR state?

          • Nemso

            Right now, I work so much I can’t think about doing anything except signing petitions online. However, when I retire in less than 2 years, I will be able to do more and will. You seem to be a very angry person.

  • Ben Dover

    You’ll never see any change until management starts getting their asses fired for allowing this to happen…someone needs to take the imbecile out of the system and sue that individual for making the call that they carry after dark…if you feel unsafe for God’s sake bring it back!