NAPS requests an end to EAS Pay Freeze

naps-logoLetter outlines the need for the USPS to follow suit with the rest of the Federal Government.

NAPS has sent a letter to the United States Postal Service outlining the need to end the EAS pay freeze and grant the same pay raise that is to be given to those federal employees currently on the General Schedule on January 1, 2014. To read the text of the letter, please go to the forms and documents page on

Read more: The National Association of Postal Supervisors.

  • 30 Year Vet

    Oh boy. Overpaid useless management looking for more money. If you want to spend extra money on salaries, let’s hire some more craft employees that actually work hard all day. Not for people to sit behind desks and watch.

    • Retired postal manager

      Any working craft employee would know that managers have to deal with employees like you. You think your job is owed to you. Spend your day bitching about everything instead of doing the job your paid to do. You’d think you would of grown up by now if your really a 30 year vet. Time to get over yourself.

      • carrier

        You are clueless post masters will soon be a thing of the past

        • MtnPostmaster

          They may change the job title but the job will still be there!

          • 30 Year Vet

            That’s the problem with these fake management cuts. They say they cut a position when they actually just change the title at the same pay or a raise.

        • uselesscarrier

          soon after all the fss reductions we will have 1 carrier delivering three routes, we can eliminate 2 useless carriers.

      • 30 Year Vet

        Of course you are entitled to your opinion. But as usaul another postal manager is wrong. The one thing you are right about is bitching about my job. When you are forced to work through your unpaid lunch everyday or are told to stay out in the dark to finish these overburdened routes. The many graduations, weddings funerals and countless other family functions your forced to miss not to mention the hazardous conditions that Mother Nature throws at us on a daily basis so guys like you can sit behind your desk in a temperture controlled environment and collect a nice paycheck from my hard work, then I’m sorry for that. But what you are wrong about is that I work 10 to 12 hours a day my sick leave is impeccable. And I follow every order, no matter how stupid or dangerous it may be. If the postal service were full of employees like me we would make billions of dollars. We saw all the billions type of guys like you lost.

        • Retired manager

          Quit. I started as clerk and choose my path. You choose yours; so live with your decision and be thankful it pays we’ll. Not all managers sit behind a desk; they’re involved, support and protect those who work them. That’s a good manager. So don’t put us all in one category.

          • 30 Year Vet

            Clerk? Oh that explains a lot. Have you actually ever had a working position in the PO ?

          • Logical

            I have had multiple jobs in plants and post offices. All of them required much more work than what it appeared originally once I got the job. A good worker (which includes most postal workers) makes the job look easy. Some jobs require more physical work than others, but that doesn’t mean they are more or less important. We should all give our best effort and quit worrying about if we may be doing more than someone else.

          • eatvets

            I am willing to bet you have a driving route and only get out of your truck to have lunch or go to your girlfriends house on your route

          • 30 Year Vet

            Again management WORNG!!!!!!! 1) I don’t have a drive out. I have a park and loop. 2) unlike 90% of postal employees I’ve been happily married for 20 years and not only don’t have a girlfriend but haven’t ever or thought about cheating on her. I like to see you put your hand on a stack of bibles and say that.

        • blueblue

          confused? forced to work thru lunch.. thats your decision i never force my employees to not have lunch, 10-12 hours must be making lots of money, I wonder if you could have finished on some of those days in less time? if you miss graduations and weddings, etc that’s on you, fill out a 3971 and take off, shame on you if you don’t have enough gumshoe to take care of yourself and your family obligations, no wonder you never went into management, no sense of what is really important

          • 30 Year Vet

            I would never sell my sole and become management. I could never be that cruel and abusive.

          • 30 Year Vet

            You talk about all this money I make which is problem number 1. The gross mismaneging by management by throwing money (which we don’t have) at the problem rather than find solutions is why we’re in the toilet. And I do fill out the proper forms to try and attend functions. But because of mismanegment we don’t have the people to do the job. So my forms get returned. Denied. Reason. Needs of the service.

  • 30 Year Vet

    I’m amazed how these managers / supervisors can sit behind their desks as we go out there everyday and bust it so these lazy clowns can collect a paycheck. You would think they would worship the ground that we walk on. Most of them aren’t even smart enough to realize that if not for the carriers they wouldn’t have a job. Don’t expect one of them to carry any mail most of them tried but couldn’t cut it so they ran to the first open desk.

    • Kristie Beam

      You are blinded, potentially by your one office of thousands. No need to judge all managers like that. Pure descrimination.

    • Postal Supervisor

      Youi should worship the ground we walk on,you lazy slugs!

      • 30 Year Vet

        Now that’s a real supervisor. Thanks for proving my point.

  • Tman2

    Carriers are over paid paper boys

    • kingfisher552

      You must be a glorified clerk

  • Supervisor

    That president of a NAPS is a dope. Why would management give a salary increase that they don’t have to?

  • Lucky to have a job

    If non-postal people read this string they’d all wonder why you weren’t all getting McDonalds-size pay for what you do. Don’t you realize what you have. You won’t till it’s gone!

  • Mail Handler

    The pay freeze needs to continue indefinitely…EAS employees are way overpaid with too many managers making $100,000/ year plus, their pay should be cut across the board just like the casual employees and if they don’t like it then quit or retire, there too many of them anyway and there needs to be serious cuts in there numbers.

    • goaway

      its interesting that over 100 mail handlers made 100,000 a year last year, how bout we freeze overtime after an employee works 20% more tan their salary every year, we should save wquite a bit on mailhandlers

      • Mail Handler

        Mail Handlers have to work 70 plus hours a week to make that $100,000, compared to less than 40 hours a week for managers to make that $100,000…big difference! and who’s allowing all that overtime? mismanagers, that’s who.

        • bigtime

          our manager comes and goes . today hes here 1 hour not here tomorrow ,off 3 days … nobody notices. now if mailhandler even goes to take a dump we are phucked. case closed.

  • Zeus

    EAS employees were getting huge pay increases compared to craft employees under Potter and Donahoe freezes their overpaid salaries and now they are crying that they deserve another raise? wtf? how many jobs that require no skills or college degree and average 70,000/yr are there? Downahole should actually downgrade them.

  • goaway

    hey zeus, I have a college degree and a masters degree, I make a decent salary and work a good day for a good day’s pay. How about we downgrade your job and give you some custodial responsibilities as well

    • Zeus

      You can’t be in management in the Postal Service then because few have more than a high school diploma and they don’t have to work a full eight hours for their big salaries!

  • Unwelcome Guest

    Great time to be asking for a pay raise by the greedy NAPS when they are trying to get EAS employees to retire before the the RIF’s come.

  • bigtime

    well we request to stop pivoting when we have way more than 8 hours work daily. its not a pivot when its taken on the other end as overtime.

  • bigtime

    wouldnt last a week and they know it. 350 pounds on a 90 degree day equals 6 feet under.