Georgia football recruiter suspended after he underestimates USPS efficiency

gamailboxDespite all the talk about USPS service cutbacks, the mail still gets through- and local mail still can be delivered overnight. Just ask Daryl Jones, the director of on-campus recruiting for the University of Georgia football team. According to a story in the Athens Banner-Herald, he mailed recruiting materials to some high school prospects late on the Friday before the Labor Day weekend, and some of them were delivered the very next day, Saturday, August 31!

You’d think Daryl would be pleased with the speedy service, but there was a slight problem- under the NCAA’s byzantine recruiting regulations, high school students aren’t supposed to be contacted by recruiters prior to September 1:

“It was their assumption that the mail was dropped off at the post office late enough on Friday afternoon that it could not be delivered to the intended recipient prior to September 1,” athletic director Greg McGarity wrote in the letter. “However, some of the prospective student-athletes did receive these mailing(s) on the very next day…”

Daryl’s lack of faith in the USPS has now cost him a 5 day suspension.

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  • ErieBigDawg

    That is funny…

  • marc zazeela

    When you least expect it, they do a great job!

  • Mr Postman

    It’s not Daryl’s fault. It’s PMG Patrick Donahoe’s fault.

    Daryl remembered PMG Donahoe’s announcement several months ago that the USPS was going to stop Saturday delivery by this August.

    However… not everybody heard that Congress said, “NO.” Daryl was one of them.

    It could happen anybody who relies on information straight from the mouth of PMG Donahoe.