Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee files protest against USPS stamp program management

Linn’s Stamp News reports that the the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) “staged an unprecedented protest” at its September quarterly meeting, suspending the session, and sending a letter to the Postmaster General requesting a meeting. The actions come in the wake of tension between the committee and USPS stamp service management.

The committee, which is appointed by the PMG, has thirteen members, including a former Postmaster General and a former USPS Governor. Linn’s says that all of the members signed the letter.

The report, by Linn’s correspondent Bill McAllister, notes that while the letter did not name either USPS Marketing chief Nagisa Manabe or stamp services executive Susan McGovern, USPS sources told the magazine that “the committee is upset with both women, and what they see as a diminished role they have given CSAC in the stamp selection process.”

The CSAC protest follows last week’s news that an entire press run of stamps was to be destroyed for promoting unsafe activities for children, a decision which subjected both the USPS and the White House to ridicule; and the revelation that the USPS was paying celebrity futurist “Faith Popcorn” $1.5 million to predict the future of stamps.

  • Mr Postman


    Sham.The.Man here.

    I have already accurately predicted the “future of stamps study.” You do not have to have faith in poopcorn.

    Best of all, I give it to you free of charge. Here’s my prediction….

    People are going to buy stamps like they have for over 200 years as long as they are offered. The reason why is because they are easy to use, always have been. Is there any other reason?

    When Faith Poopcorn (not her real name) completes her study, and runs off with $1,500,000.00 the USPS cannot afford to spend, everybody at L’Enfant plaza will read it, won’t understand it, disagree with it, ignore it like a union contract, and toss it into the trash.