• allyboo

    Rural carriers….they can get away with anything. Although in her defense, the porch was 1/2 mile away from the street!

    • Former RCA

      You can see the driveway in the video … it’s about 20 feet from the porch stairs. She was just being L-A-Z-Y.

      • dauchund

        I don’t think she was a actual letter carrier because just the sheer size of her would eliminate her from the job unless it was all curb line or cluster boxes

        • Rural Carrier

          I am an actual carrier about her size- it doesn’t eliminate me from the job @ all. Been delivering 18yrs now. Just by the way she carried herself, was just laziness! And as to being protected by the union.. yes they protect @ fight for the ones that actually are in the wrong and should be dismissed from the job!!! Go figure!

  • Marty

    That is a walkway from the driveway. I’m pretty sure she has lost her job this morning.

  • Michael R. Porter

    looks like a casual carrier to me.

    • joe stutzman

      definitely, from the clothing, she is either a casual or a probationary [new] hire. judging from her size, if there are any walking routes, she will never make it.

  • Mr Postman

    She’s destined to become a member of management, if not Postmaster General someday.

    • Mrs. Postman

      Or maybe a union president, maybe even head of the AFL CIO someday.

  • Todd Kraus

    If you move your mailbox to the street your lawn will be safe and your mail carrier will not be slowed down. Thank your President for borrowing $60 Billion dollars from the Post Office during the government bail outs. Now the USPS can’t afford to hire new employees to replace the retired or fired ones leaving them short handed and with the need to deliver your mail by the quickest most efficient means possible. Can you imagine how long it would take to deliver over 700 houses if the carrier had to walk up and down long sidewalks for every house on the route? It could not be done in an 8 hour day. Have you considered putting in decorative stepping stones for him? We shovel a path in the snow to make it easier for our carrier to cut through the yards in our neighborhood.

  • kcswiss

    Future Saturday delivery….unsafe backing; should have pulled around and continued off curb-after putting on seat belt, of course

  • TruthBeTold

    Well what we can see is the explanation of why she drove onto someones lawn, PURE LAZINESS DUE TO A TAKEOVER OF FAT,AROUND THE WAIST, second that package would not have fit in a mailbox so mailbox comments irrelevant, third in LLV training they tell you to avoid reversing if possible, well it was avoidable had she stopped at th street turned off the ignition after turning her wheel far rightt and turning on hazards!!! I say fire her and get someone who can follow the SAFETY RULES!!!!!

    • Mr Postman

      You have to admit, it is an amusing video of how NOT to deliver packages. Could be she wasn’t properly trained, was harassed for not “making the numbers,” or just plain in a hurry.

      We used to have a young PTF carrier years ago that made great time on curbline routes. He was patted on the back and praised by management until they found out he was leaving parcels by the curb next to the mailbox instead of dismounting and running them up to the porch.

      Smart guy, though. He went back to college, and today he’s an accountant and consultant for a finance company.

  • Postal P

    Could be a management employee out deliver late arriving priority packages

  • queen

    how can that be posted anonymously? I don’t know you tube.

  • Mr.Zip

    We deliver, We Deliver…….

  • lou gasparri

    this lazy fat slob should not be driving on their grass. also, no seatbelt and unnecessary backing. probably a new c.c.a. carrier. I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Steph

    Lazy and she was not very gentle with the package

  • ny3d57

    Super size me baby !!!!!!

  • dave

    I have been a letter carrier for 27 years. There is no excuse!!! fire her.

  • pete

    amazing……..you get what you pay for

  • Jannett Brushel


  • Eamon Doherty

    Any comments about her weight are insensitive. Her weight really is irrelevant. Many rural carriers are overweight and they still do their jobs fine. This womans problem is pure laziness. She should be fired but the union’s will protect her.

    • common sense

      How will the “union’s” protect her? You mean she’ll be represented by a union steward if management disciplines her? Well, yeah, I suppose she will be! And what exactly is the problem with that? Are you suggesting that management should be allowed to unilaterally fire anyone they want, with no recourse?

      When we tried the Nazi war criminals who incinerated 6 million Jews, we gave them trials and lawyers to represent them. Why shouldn’t postal workers be given due process?

      • David Miranda

        and just how is the union going to protect her? by blaming management? By citing past practice? By claiming management knew she was over weight when they hired her? Protect her from what? Receiving the disciplinary action she deserves? Why shouldn’t Postal Workers be held accountable for their actions? Did management set her up by placing the camera on the property or did the home owner just get tired of spending money to repair their lawn………….what exactly is the problem with her being disciplined for giving every postal worker
        a bad name for her sheer laziness?

        • common sense

          So basically you’re saying that a mass murderer who blows up a building full of innocent people is entitled to a hearing, but a letter carrier who drives over someone’s lawn isn’t? What exactly is the problem with giving people due process before disciplining them? Too much trouble for you to get up off your ass from playing solitaire and cruising porn sites to actually put together a case and document it?

          • Eamon Doherty

            She deserves discipline. Everything she did was wrong. How many mistakes does she deserve before termination. Driving with no seat belt on is clearly one. Driving on someone lawn. Throwing the parcels on the porch. If she is union the union will clearly protect her, nothing wrong with that I guess. But she gives all carriers bad names.
            The general public won’t care if she is a supervisor, a RCA, a RC, a CCA or a clerk. We all represent the same place in the publics eyes.

          • common sense

            I have no idea how many mistakes she’s made, and it doesn’t matter- she deserves a hearing with proper representation- that’s ALL I said- it’s kind of scary that some of you think there’s a problem with that!

          • Eamon Doherty

            I don’t think there is a problem with being represented. I think there is a problem if the union places blame on management as a way to get this lady off the hook. Accountability lies with her. She made the choice drive on the lawn and the sequence of events. Hopefully the discipline is fair and swift. She is a responsible adult and hopefully paid attention at academy. The one I attended said property damage, not wearing your seatbelt and unnecessary back-ups can all result in termination.

          • Red Sox fan

            Doesn’t appear she set the hand brake either..

          • Annette Wing

            You are right, she does deserve to get representation, but come on, would you want someone delivering your mail like that? No. I’m sure she won’t lose her job. But she truly does deserve to. I’m just saying.

          • common sense

            And all I’m saying is that she deserves a fair hearing and representation. I never said she shouldn’t be fired- I just find it offensive that some people, apparently postal workers themselves, think there’s something wrong with an employee being defended by a union rep in a case like this.

          • common sense

            Jesus, grow up- if “the union places blame on management” they have to prove their case. How do you prove management “forced” her to drive her truck over the lawn. You outrage queens seem to live for this kind of stuff. It gets sickening after a while.

      • Eamon Doherty

        Comparing what she did to NAZI’s is a stretch by any imagination. Let her be disciplined, the video evidence speaks volumes. Safety violations, customer service violations, and possible property damage. But that might not be enough to relieve her of her duties because she deserves more chances.

        • common sense

          Exactly my point. Nazi mass murderers get due process, but you don’t think she should even be entitled to representation if she’s disciplined. Why would you treat a Nazi better than a postal worker?

    • bigtime

      how do you even know if she is a union member ? looks like 1 of countless manager/supervisors that have come and gone.

    • TruthBeTold

      Because only a lazy fat azz would drive on someones lawn so they dont have to walk so WEIGHT, RELEVANT!!!!!

  • john doe

    At least she had a seat belt on. I am glad she knocked to see if anyone was home.

    • Red Sox fan

      She clearly didn’t put her seat belt on when she left. Didn’t appear she set the handbrake either…

  • cindylouwho

    CCA= Can’t Carry Anything.

  • David Miranda

    it speaks for itself but she’ll be protected

    • common sense

      What you mean is that she’ll be represented by someone. Why do you have a problem with that? In the USA we have due process for mass murderers- are you saying letter carriers don’t deserve a fair hearing? Why?

      • Eamon Doherty

        Fair hearing when the video evidence is right there. Give her a chance to tell her side. Do an investigation then find a way to relieve her of her duties.

  • Bill

    That’s my manager

  • Rich S

    Union: Well, yes, you did tell her that she couldn’t pull down driveways, but did you ever tell her that she couldn’t pull on to lawns?

  • sickofit

    good lord…………….. it looks like a 204-b

  • Elvin Dice Babalato

    Its called making the pivot..lol


    Lazy does come to mind, this is not gender specific, there is a fair share of males that come under that category too.

  • Model Carrier

    Are you kidding me! Get off of your big backside and waddle to the door, set it down gently and don’t throw it. This kind of thing gives all of a bad image when things are bad enough. Plus she’s backing up! She should be written up for that too!

  • Ivana Humpalot

    Heard this was in Omaha Rural cca!

  • Cheryl

    Please fire her. 25 yr. postal worker her and there is no excuse.

  • nelson

    over in our office they are going only after the veteran carrier that know better, when they catch a cca doing something wrong they just let them go because they are there runners, and we have to follow all the rules to the t or they want to fire us then they want to know why it takes you longer, and every week they have a new rule to follow but for them it never takes any more time, i already have 30 years invested but cant retire because of age , but as soon as i can i will , i rather be a door checker at sams club.

  • Different viewer

    Everybody’s talking about firing this girl without considering the effect that may have on her life, she could have children and be the only bread winner, its hard to find a good job like the one we have, she made a bad judgement call, something that even the best carriers have done, the only differance here, she got caught, so he that is without sin cast the first stone, now I don’t condone her actions and she should be disciplined but all in due process, everybody makes mistakes or bad judgement calls, what if it was you that was caught making a bad call, we’d probably be reading about you instead, now I know after this statement your going to take your crayons and respond back but as I said b4, I don’t condon what she did, but at the same time we shouldn’t play judge and jury without considering all thats at stake, ijs

  • Jeff

    I’m starting to wonder about the employees of the Postal Service. I was going to a physical therapy session in a building here in CA. The building houses a Social Security office and a Physical Therapy center. I was waiting to go into my appointment when a postal carrier jeep just like the one in this video drove up and parked in the only handicap access parking space near the back door of the building. I took out my cell phone and took a couple of pictures of this carrier. The carrier caught me taking his picture and decided to move his jeep after he saw me taking his picture. He moved it 20′ away to the next open parking space and made his deliveries. If he had not seen me taking his picture I doubt he would have moved his vehicle. I hunted down the complaint department web site for the USPS. I wrote them a letter enclosing the date, time and location of the incident as well as the truck number from the photo. I offered to send them the picture of the carrier parked in the space, but since they web site would not allow me to send the picture I didn’t get to send it. I waited a few days for a reply and below is the replay I received from the USPS.

    Dear Mr.Johnson:

    I am really apology to this incident occured in your neighborhood. I am very appreciate that you brought this to our attention ,

    As postal service We undenstand that we should not park or block the Handicapped access. recently our postal service just hired more carriers which call city carry assistant. we will give them more training to improve our service to the public. thank you for your feed back. if you have any more concern please feel free to call the office at 1-650-960-6851.

    Thank you for contacting the Postal Service.


    Crystal Chen

    Customer Service Supv

    This was my annoyed reply to the USPS.

    Miss Chen,

    I find your response written in such a manner to be insulting and offensive.

    1. Your use of the English Language is PATHETIC to say the least.
    If you really are a Customer Service Supervisor, I suggest you go to your supervisor and ask for some additional training for yourself.
    I spent more than 2 decades providing customer support to a wide variety of different organization including a Government funded
    research facility. If I had sent out an email written as poorly as your response to me was I would have been punished for it to say the least.

    2. I offered to provide as much detail about this incident as you might need to take action on this.
    Your explanation of this being a carrier needing training is ridiculous.

    How can a Carrier NOT know the laws and regulations for Handicap Parking when you it is a REQUIREMENT that
    all carriers have a valid drivers license and a safe driving record for 2 years. The California Drivers handbook page 41 clearly outlines the rules pertaining to the use of handicap parking spaces.

    To say your carriers need training is as IDIOTIC as it can get. I am going to attach the image of your postal carrier violating these laws.
    I would hope you will take more appropriate action than to tell me this IDIOT needs more training.
    This image contains the date, time and GPS coordinates of this incident imbedded in the image.
    The vehicle number should provide your supervisors with sufficient information to track down the offender.
    The image was taken at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, CA at approximately 1:30 p.m. on XXXXXXXXXX 2013.

    I hope someone in your office will review this information and use it.

    I had hoped to hear back from the USPS, but I never did. I posted the image to a web site and to FB an site that collects information on handicap parking violators. I found a number of other USPS truck images there documenting a number to carriers violating handicap parking laws. If you expect the USPS to do anything about this, I think you will be disappointed…

  • Laura Bianchi

    Stupid fat lazy slob. Imagine how long it would take to be fired if you worked for a private employer.

    • The guy Laura Bianchi services

      Laura you are such a charming human being! Your loved ones must be so proud of you!

  • “Alonte”

    The Post Office condones the walking across peoples laws till the owner complains. This is just a magnified form of that.

    I don’t here any of you eluding to that.

    • Avanti

      When someone eludes you, you’re not likely to “here” them.

      Is that what you were alluding to?

  • “Alonte”

    Lawns not Laws

    • Avanti

      Gnus not Guns

  • harvey bumfelder

    Recently retired after 42+ years with the Postal Service. There is absolutely no excuse for behavior like that in the video. Driving across lawns is not permitted. You are expected, in part for the good of the vehicle, to park on the road/pavement and WALK to the door. And tossing it at the top of the steps is also out of line. The package should be left, if on a porch, under the mailbox or next to the door handle side of the door and where protected against the elements. If no such area exists the carrier can elect to leave a will call and take the package with him/her. This is ALWAYS true if the package requires a signature but not always if no signature is require. BUT… driving across the lawn and then TOSSING the package? Sort of makes me wonder if this was “made for TV” but… I’m realistic enough to know there are some bad employees. Most are dedicated and most do their job because they realize they have a good job that deserves being done correctly but there are always a few bad apples.