USPS Announces FY 2014 Pay for Performance Indicators


napusFor the first time in recent history, the NPA Unit and proposed Corporate Indicator targets and thresholds will be available to Postmasters at the beginning of the Fiscal Year (FY-2014.)  The files provide the finalized Unit and proposed Corporate Indicators weights and depths for each NPA scorecard, along with a brief description of all Indicator changes. Finalized Corporate Indicators will be provided upon approval by the Board of Governors.

The Performance Evaluation System (PES) for FY 2014 will open on Tuesday, October 1, 2014.  Postmasters should confirm their profiles to begin the goal setting process, and evaluators must conduct one-on-one discussions.  Information, materials and links pertaining to the PFP process, PES, and NPA can be found on the Blue Page by selecting Human Resources then Pay for Performance.

The above information was announced today by Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President Jeff Williamson. Mr Williamson led the cooperative effort between USPS groups and management association leaders to establish goals by the beginning of FY 2014.  Please see the attachements below.

PFP Prog FY 2014 (3)

NPA 2014 Indicators Targets-Depths-Composite Weights 9-30-13 (3)

NPA FY2014 NPA Planning – Summary (3)


  • piastsucks

    why is this important?
    as a postmaster are we going to be allowed to receive
    any money?

    • Guest 1

      It’s important because your rating is used for other purposes too, even though EAS raises have been non-existent for at least 3 years. The ELM uses all your previous ratings to give you a score in a RIF situation. If someone whose mathematical formula exceeds yours and their job is eliminated and yours is not, you can be bumped from your position. Even if you were a supervisor in a multiple supervisor office and they refigured staffing and someone had to be forced out, these scores play into the math equation. The unions don’t allow bumping, but management does.

  • J

    Any money???? Seriously, any money?? On the backs of your carriers and clerks…..what do you claim to do to receive “any money?” Any additional money, that is?????

  • yoohoo

    carriers bust their arses so they can make their times , wheres our pay for performance??????????

    • common sense

      You were offered PFP and you said no thank you, I’d rather have COLA and step increases. All of the unions were asked to accept PFP and none of them did.

      And I don’t know of a single postmaster or supervisor who wouldn’t go back to COLA and step increases rather than PFP.

      • simple question

        Really? Because if that were true why haven’t they all just reverted back to craft?

  • Katherine Goode Denman

    My route is evaluated at 8 1/2 hours, 9 on heavy days (or more) now I will probably get all kinds of grief to get done in 8 everyday so my manager can get a bonus! Their bonus is they don’t have to go out in snow, rain, sleet or 105 degree heat!

    • common sense

      If you want the so called bonus, the USPS will be happy to accomodate you- just tell your union to dump the COLA and step increase you get now, and switch to PFP.

      • simple question

        Carriers won’t receive a cola till next year. That will be 3 years since the last one they received.

        As for steps, postmasters have those as well based on the level of the office they are at.

        Since you seem to think craft have it so much better than management there is an easy solution. Stand up, walk away from your computer and your solitaire marathon, grab a satchel and hit the streets. Do a relay or two, then you will quickly remember the reason you went into management.

  • fortunate

    Hey Zues or Pluto, as a Postmaster taking the early out will I get any PFP past ratings payouts? Are they ever considering paying these out which believe I read they said they might once do? I’m not sure.