Video: USPS claims immunity after allegedly wrecking car – Richmond, VA News


A Chesterfield family may have to sue the federal government over damages to their car.

We investigated a complaint after a mail carrier allegedly caused their son to wreck on Woodpecker Road. April Williams called 12 when the United States Postal Service told her in no uncertain terms – it has no intentions of paying for damages to her car, even though police wrote the letter carrier a ticket at the accident scene.

The USPS is claiming immunity.

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  • Mr. Postman

    You don’t do repairs on a 1993 vehicle. It’s 20 years old. It’s totaled out. Most likely, they only had liability insurance and not full coverage.

    I do think they should be reimbursed for the fair market value of the car before the accident and the towing charges.

    You don’t treat the public like crap.

  • RandyF

    File a civil suit against the Letter Carrier.

  • tag

    when your at the box you have right of way the driver should have changed lanes and went around mail truck not came up beside him like he said in video. If the officer does not now the law that’s not the post office fault. If there is a cop on the side of road ease up beside him in that lane and see what happens