USPS realigns Marketing/Sales again- to “take advantage of natural synergies”. Seriously.

The USPS is realigning its Marketing and Sales organizations again. This time we’re told that the moves will ” increase strategic alignment” which must be a good thing, as well as “take advantage of natural synergies among coordinating work groups”.

You have to wonder how long these “natural synergies” have gone without advantage having been taken of them! I can’t remember reading a more meaningless string of words in a long time. And I read Darrell Issa’s press releases!  But it all sounds somehow familiar- if anyone can recall how many times the USPS has realigned its Marketing and Sales departments in recent years, for similarly nebulous reasons, please let us know in the comments. As for how well those reorganizations have worked, well, the less said the better!

Here’s the rest of the announcement from USPS News Link:

USPS is making changes in the Marketing and Sales structure at headquarters to increase strategic alignment, streamline operations and take advantage of natural synergies among coordinating work groups.

  • A Retail Channel Operations department has been established in the Chief Operating Officer organization. The new unit will focus on the integration and implementation of the retail strategy and technology for the retail network.
  • The Retail Technology Support team, now under Engineering Systems in the Chief Information Officer organization, will be responsible for day-to-day management, integration and deployment of retail-related technology that supports Retail Channel Operations programs.
  • A new Retail Marketing and Strategy group under Brand Marketing will develop retail channel marketing strategies to improve the retail customer experience, maximize retail revenue and reduce the cost to serve. This includes initiating and expanding business partnerships with outside product companies and retail providers.
  • The Insights and Marketing Services group under Brand Marketing is being expanded to make more effective use of advertising and graphic services that support strategy development and implementation.

Stamp Services also is realigning its resources, combining Stamp Manufacturing with Stamp Fulfillment Services to coordinate production and distribution under a single group. Stamp Development also has been realigned, shifting resources to help with research. In addition, the functions within Licensing have been further defined to improve processes and protect stamp designs.

Employees impacted by these changes have been notified and will be kept informed throughout the transition and implementation process. Within headquarters, only employees impacted by this organizational change are eligible for the Voluntary Early Retirement.

More information related to organizational change is available on the LiteBlue employee website. Go to the Organizational Changes pages and the Workforce Connection site. Employees also can find these links in the “Hot Topics” section on LiteBlue, or the “My HR” section on the upper right corner of the LiteBlue home page.

Employees should check these sites often for updates.

  • MikeS

    Based on the descriptions of the new work groups we will also need a new VP position…VP Redundant Operations.

    • LiamSkye

      I know nothing about either Operations or Redundancy so I think I would be perfect for the job. My plan is to take full advantage of the increased efficiencies that will result from allowing the natural synergies to optimize the work flow.

      • MikeS

        I think all you’ll really need is a pair of waders and a large shovel.

  • Freeman

    Here’s a suggestion: shut down Marketing and Sales.

  • MrZipped

    Take it from one who has worked for the USPS, lip service and corruption rule the day. The demoralizing reality here is that our largest mailers and stake holders have been bamboozled for decades and the cold hard fact is that commerce has decided that digital platforms and social networks do work for a fraction of the cost. There will always be a place for direct mail but the First Class mail transactional statements that help fund this bloated USPS infrastructure dwindling year over year. The sad news is that this financial shortfall is unable to support the huge financial gaps created by unethical VP’s and mindless minions hired into the postal headquarters strategy groups. Unless new forms of engagement are developed for revenue the USPS will be a wholly subsidized entity of the US tax payers; if Issa gets his way that’s what the American people will get. Ask the PMG how much was spent on the Postal high speed letter sorting equipment to accommodate Net Flix ; start digging and you will find out how wide spread the corruption goes.

  • Matt S.

    As a retired HQ Marketing person, I fondly recall a realignment meeting where we were told it would be cost effective because it would be “position neutral.”

    Someone asked how it could be neutral when a lot of higher level 21, 23, 25, and PCES jobs were being created. Our manager at the time, who was benefiting from going to a level 25 to a PCES position said, “Well, if there was a level 13 admin assistant job that was open, we just made that a higher level one. See, we didn’t add any more staff.”

    No, but you increased costs considerably.

    After my last “realignment” notice, I called HR in Raleigh and said, “I wish to change my retirement date.” I’d had it in for some time, but kept pushing it back when I’d get close.

    HR said, “Fine, it’s now Oct 31st. What do you want to move it to?” I said, “It’s 15:30. Move it to 17:00.” And I was done. Retirement is a beautiful thing.